March 30, 2014

Mobile Man

Here are the first signs of forward movement we've had from Wen, this last week.

This video is the first one I was able to get. It is from March 24th.

This video is a bit longer and you can really see his army crawl with flailing legs. He is getting quicker though.

He has already tried to crawl outside after his sisters who left the door open and gotten into lots of things, the most memorable so far was the package of ritz crackers that Malea had left on the floor. He crushed the 4 or 5 crackers that were left in the package and then proceeded to swing the package around raining down a shower of crumbs all over the living room.

March 17, 2014

Tea Party

In January we finally got the girls' room painted. I let them pick the colors (with a little guidance) and I have to admit it looks super cute. The sister missionaries were looking for some service to do and jumped at the chance to come paint which sped the process up immensely.

To celebrate having the room all done (minus the curtains), the girls decided we needed to have a tea party in their room with pink cookies. So we did just that followed up with a dance party!

(I love this picture of Malea because it totally shows her little personality)

A new trick for Wen

Today Wen learned how to put the balls into the gumball machine. Kaidrei was so proud of him when she saw it. She got so excited for him that he just started giggling.

March 10, 2014


The other night Kaidrei was running around being extremely hyper. Wen was loving it. He kept trying to get the ball she was holding when she would get close enough. Kaidrei started tossing it over him and he was laughing so hard that we had to capture the moment.

Swinging Wen


Wen may not be crawling yet, but it sure isn't slowing him down any. He has found he can roll most any place (showing me just how much baby proofing I'm going to have to do in the near future).

Here is a snippet of him (he was trying to crawl until I started recording but I figure grandparents will still like to see it)


The girls did swim lessons at the YMCA in February and every day they had to stop and kick a goal or two on the way in and out! Now Kaidrei wants a soccer goal at home.

Sister who share

Around our house we sure have some of the greatest big sisters in our house. This particular morning I wasn't getting Wen quickly enough so the girls decided to share their froot loops. With his two new bottom teeth he managed just fine and thoroughly enjoyed them.