December 20, 2013

Our Day

We have been having a relaxing week since Brian has had some time off work so we have been trying to enjoy ourselves and eventually get some things done.

We had an unplanned crafting session when Malea begged me to paint. I found some wooden beads that the girls painted red and green. Then we put them with some jingle bells to make a festive necklace.

I had to catch Malea's total concentration with her tongue sticking out of her mouth the whole time.

While we were painting, Wen was trying with all his might to eat the table cloth. As soon as I sat him back up in the Bumbo he immediately was tipped over like this.

My festive elves.

Then while I started some laundry, the girls played with Wen. They decided he was "cute" and needed to be naked. They only managed to get the sleeper unbuttoned and not off since he isn't the most helpful when it comes to dressing.

I wanna picture with Wen!

Then after dinner we got out the nativity set and acted out the Christmas story. They have had fun re-enacting it with the pieces.

I did giggle when I overheard Kaidrei saying "Joseph Smith come and see baby Jesus"

Wen decided he wants to be just like everybody else and managed to get himself a laptop too.

Wen did not want to go to  bed tonight and cried for a long time. In an attempt to calm him down I put his stuffed bear next to him. He immediately rolled over and hugged it. This picture just melts my heart.

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