December 6, 2013


These two cuties have been so cute together lately! Wen gets so excited when Kaidrei walks by him.

This morning I heard Wen crying and forced myself out of bed. While I was putting in my contacts (my glasses are broken due to a knee to the face while rough housing), he quieted down so I was taking my time thinking he had gone back to sleep. I was surprised that I hadn't heard from Kaidrei yet but I figured she was still sleeping since she has been sick. About 30 seconds after having that thought Kaidrei walks into the bathroom and says, "Mom, Wen needs you. I was singing to him, but he wants you instead of me." It suddenly made since why he had quieted down. Both girls are very protective of Wen and are sure to inform me anytime he is crying.

Malea loves Wen too, but isn't always as good natured about him grabbing her or her toys as Kaidrei is.

The other day Wen was sitting by us as I was getting Malea dressed. Malea was throwing a fit and had her head on the floor and her bum in the air. Her bum happened to be right by Wen, so he naturally reached out to grab it. She got even more mad and turned around to stick her tongue out at him. Wen thought this attention from his sister was great and rewarded Malea with a great big smile. This made her even more frustrated and she stuck her tongue out again emphasized this time with a hmmpth. I couldn't help but smile at the exchange and hope that Wen keeps this good nature attitude when dealing with his sister's drama.

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