December 31, 2013

Christmas Videos

 Here are the videos from our Christmas this year. Unfortunately we are being plagued with the stomach flu at the moment, so I will write more about it later.

December 24, 2013

3 little bears

Our dishwasher started leaking a while back and we just haven't had a chance to get it taken care of so I've been washing dishes by hand in the mean time. So after spending the time getting the dishes done and the kitchen scrubbed I went upstairs to take a shower. Shortly later, Brian calls up to me to tell me I need to come see this.

Imagine my surprise to see EVERY dish in the kids cupboard (minus the plates since they don't hold liquid well) out on the table. Most of them were full of water courtesy of the fridge dispenser. Before I could get too upset, Brian asked them why they had all the dishes out. They told us that they were the bears and had to find the food that was just right. 

Whats a few more dishes to wash if my kids can have such a great imagination!

December 23, 2013

Peek a boo

A few days ago Wen managed to fall asleep while playing in the living room twice. 

I laid him on the blanket to play in the morning as I was getting the girls ready to go to the Y. When I came back a few minutes later he had pulled the blanket over him and gone to sleep.

In the afternoon, I couldn't help but laugh when I found that he had pulled the blanket over the top of his head before falling asleep again.
He was one tired kiddo.

December 22, 2013


The girls are learning that toys left on the floor are now considered fair game for their brother.

Kaidrei usually doesn't mind ... for now. Malea on the other hand isn't so fond of Wen getting her stuff wet.

December 21, 2013

Hide and Seek

Brian and the girls were playing hide and seek while I was making dinner. After a few rounds, I helped Kaidrei hide and she was actually able to stop giggling long enough that it took Brian a while to find her.

The girls thought it was a great place to play.

 I'm not sure my mixer will ever get it's home back though!

 Malea kept trying to get in the way as I was trying to take a picture of Kaidrei in the cupboard. I absolutely love this picture because it totally shows Malea's fun little personality - with her leggings pushed up so her socks show, her hair in her mouth, and dancing past the camera instead of just running!

Early Christmas

The girls got an early Christmas present this year.

Kaidrei has been asking for bunk beds ever since we moved. These are the bunk beds that they both liked the best. We got them on a black friday sale at Ashley furniture. Unfortunately we didn't have a great experience with them and I don't think we will ever buy anything there again. The bottom line is that the girls both love their new bed.

 They got to pick out new blankets too. Malea picked the princesses and Kaidrei picked Hello Kitty (which seems to be her current obsession).  

December 20, 2013


The other morning the kids were all up early. I was tired and tried to do a simple breakfast by giving the girls granola bars and Wen a bottle. The past few days I had been feeding Wen solids every morning before his bottle. I didn't think it would matter, but he refused to drink his bottle. So I finally took him down to the kitchen and fed him his sweet potatoes. He ate them and as I was by the sink fixing his bottle he promptly fell asleep.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who wasn't ready to be up.

Our Day

We have been having a relaxing week since Brian has had some time off work so we have been trying to enjoy ourselves and eventually get some things done.

We had an unplanned crafting session when Malea begged me to paint. I found some wooden beads that the girls painted red and green. Then we put them with some jingle bells to make a festive necklace.

I had to catch Malea's total concentration with her tongue sticking out of her mouth the whole time.

While we were painting, Wen was trying with all his might to eat the table cloth. As soon as I sat him back up in the Bumbo he immediately was tipped over like this.

My festive elves.

Then while I started some laundry, the girls played with Wen. They decided he was "cute" and needed to be naked. They only managed to get the sleeper unbuttoned and not off since he isn't the most helpful when it comes to dressing.

I wanna picture with Wen!

Then after dinner we got out the nativity set and acted out the Christmas story. They have had fun re-enacting it with the pieces.

I did giggle when I overheard Kaidrei saying "Joseph Smith come and see baby Jesus"

Wen decided he wants to be just like everybody else and managed to get himself a laptop too.

Wen did not want to go to  bed tonight and cried for a long time. In an attempt to calm him down I put his stuffed bear next to him. He immediately rolled over and hugged it. This picture just melts my heart.

December 8, 2013

Move It Move It

Wen is trying to hard to move to get to things.

 He started out in this position.

When I came back 10 minutes later, he was here. I still don't know how he managed to get passed the giraffe on the play mat.

Then a couple days later, I was feeding him when the doorbell rang. I set him down on the pillow and went to answer the door. When I came back he had wiggled himself under the footstool.

Another day he managed to wiggle close to the girls doll crib and then grabbed it and got it over him. 

I'm not sure I'm ready to have him be mobile yet, but I have a feeling it is coming sooner than later.

December 7, 2013


Kaidrei was playing a game on the I pad with the headphones. Wen kept trying to grab the I pad so Kaidrei decided she'd share and put the headphones on Wen. I don't think he knew quite what to think.

December 6, 2013


These two cuties have been so cute together lately! Wen gets so excited when Kaidrei walks by him.

This morning I heard Wen crying and forced myself out of bed. While I was putting in my contacts (my glasses are broken due to a knee to the face while rough housing), he quieted down so I was taking my time thinking he had gone back to sleep. I was surprised that I hadn't heard from Kaidrei yet but I figured she was still sleeping since she has been sick. About 30 seconds after having that thought Kaidrei walks into the bathroom and says, "Mom, Wen needs you. I was singing to him, but he wants you instead of me." It suddenly made since why he had quieted down. Both girls are very protective of Wen and are sure to inform me anytime he is crying.

Malea loves Wen too, but isn't always as good natured about him grabbing her or her toys as Kaidrei is.

The other day Wen was sitting by us as I was getting Malea dressed. Malea was throwing a fit and had her head on the floor and her bum in the air. Her bum happened to be right by Wen, so he naturally reached out to grab it. She got even more mad and turned around to stick her tongue out at him. Wen thought this attention from his sister was great and rewarded Malea with a great big smile. This made her even more frustrated and she stuck her tongue out again emphasized this time with a hmmpth. I couldn't help but smile at the exchange and hope that Wen keeps this good nature attitude when dealing with his sister's drama.

December 5, 2013

Good Morning

Last week Wen had  a rough night so he slept in that morning. Sadly we had to go run some errands and such, so I had to wake him up.


I love how happy he is when he wakes up.

Feeling like grown ups

Brian and I are feeling like real adults today. Last week we went furniture shopping for the first time in our married lives. Okay, I guess we got a bed a few years ago, but other than the bed everything else has been a hand me down or worse...a dumpster dive.

So last night when our new living room set came we were thrilled!

It is definitely an improvement over the couch we had the majority of our marriage which we saved from the dumpster at Wymount. Don't judge. It didn't stink and it was leaps and bounds better than our prior couch which reaked of old person (my dad bought it from an estate sale and then passed it on to us). After using it for the last 6 years and loosing countless things in the gaping holes (including 8.5 x 11 notebooks), it was time for an upgrade. Black Friday sales are a wonderful thing (especially when you don't have to go on the Friday to get the deal.

Now I think I'm going to go sit on the couch just because I can.

December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Helpers

Our Thanksgiving ended up being pretty low key this year since the we were all sick. We were going to go to Oklahoma and spend the holiday with Katie and Spencer, but Monday Wen and Malea got sick. By Tuesday Kaidrei had joined them. It caught up to me just after Thanksgiving dinner and Brian is starting to get it now. 

Due to the change of plans, I ended up going shopping for a turkey and fixings on Wednesday. The stores were madhouses! No black Friday shopping for me. I got my fill trying to get the turkey. 

Just as I got done rolling out the rolls and putting them on pans, Malea came in the kitchen begging to help me. So I let her roll out the dough that was left. Before long Kaidrei had pushed the chair over to join her. They spent a long time playing with the flour and dough and pulling more utensils out of the drawers by them. They were having so much fun taking turns pretending to be the baker and customer that I let them be as I fixed the other last minute things for the dinner.

When we sat down to eat, we fixed them plates with a little bit of everything. Kaidrei declared that "this is the best dinner ever" as she ate her jello (apparently I need to make jello more often). Malea who hadn't been eating much because of being sick at the jello and the green beans. I was momentarily shocked when she asked for more beans since lately I've been struggling to get her to eat any vegetable...then I realized that we had beans from Grandma and Grandpa Yancey's garden and that is why she wanted more. I didn't realize how spoiled we were to have home canned beans, but it looks like this spring I will be trying to grow beans so that my kids will actually eat their vegetables.