November 20, 2013

Swimming at the Y

 I've been wanting to have a place to go to aerobics classes and had done some research between the YMCA and the wellness center. I've been wanting to go see both facilities to compare them, but never got around to it (partly because I've been waiting for the house to actually close). Then last Saturday, the sister missionaries called and asked for a ride to an investigators house. I decided since I was out on my own, I finally go tour the local YMCA since it was right there. I looked nice enough and I was happy about it, but I was ecstatic when they told me that because I took a tour I got a free week guest pass.

Talk about perfect timing, this week Brian has been back in Provo for work, so I'm on my own with the kids. This is the second week this month that he has been traveling for work. The first week didn't go well for us at home for a several reasons (the biggest one being that Malea chewed through her last pacifier the night before Brian flew out and she was VERY attached to it). Knowing that this week was coming and not wanting to have a repeat performance I decided I needed a plan. I found some kids activities and things around that area to go explore and had this great plan set up, but being able to go to the Y everyday to workout while the kids played in their Child Watch area (for up to 2 hours!). What a blessing it has been!

We've gone every day this week. I've tried several different classes and the kids have had a great time playing in the Kid's gym. Today I decided to let them go swimming. They have a splash pool, but the fountains aren't working at the moment (which is probably better for my kiddos). They had so much fun, especially after they realized that it only went up to Malea's shoulder at the deepest.

The hardest part was waiting the 15 minutes while they fixed the chemical something or other in the water. The kids sat patiently for the 15 minutes, but Kaidrei almost lost it when the lifegaurd told us it would probably be another 15 minutes. Luckily he came back about a minute later and said they could get in.

Patiently waiting!

Finally getting in to play!

It's not the biggest area, but it is perfect for them right now.

The Deep End

Wen hanging out on the sideline with me.

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