November 20, 2013

I forgot...

You know it has been way too long since you've last blogged when....
  - You can't remember if you access your blog through Blogger or WordPress.
  - You have to relearn how to get around behind the scenes of your blog.
  - You've had another child since last blogging (with no mention of being pregnant).
  - ...

I feel like I could go on and on. In the craziness of the last year and more this blog has literally been forgotten. I don't quite know where to start, but I doubt I'd ever catch up if I tried to start from last September. I may try to catch up on some of the more recent moments or add some past pictures as I come across them, but I think I'm going to start from here and go on.

That being said... a quick overview of the last year (aka some of the reasons this blog was forgotten)

I found out we were pregnant in September and miscarried about 2 weeks later. This brought on a severe bout of postpartum depression with no cute baby to cuddle. Shortly later, in the midst of the depression, I find that we are pregnant again. My body was in shock at this point with all the hormone craziness and morning sickness. One day as Malea was napping, I let Kaidrei watch Tangled and I fell asleep on the couch thinking I'd hear her if she was up to mischief. I woke up to find this:

Kaidrei's long curly hair became a short bob haircut that is still growing out.

 Malea had her first dance recital - and we managed to take zero pictures of her in her costume - MOM FAIL!

We went to Alabama to spend Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Nyman and managed to all get sick (on top of my morning sickness) and took zero pictures. - MOM FAIL! (see a pattern). 

At the beginning of March, we were blessed when Brian's work sent Brian and I to Hawaii! We spent a week on Kuaui while Grandma Yancey watched the girls. It was such a fun week. We weren't able to do too much since I was pregnant, but we were able to go mountain tubing which was so much fun.

In May we were presented with an opportunity to move to Alabama and after lots and lots of prayer we knew it was the right move for our family right now. So we started getting things in order to move after the baby was born.

The last bit of the pregnancy was really difficult with migraines, bed rest, and a few scares, but on June 28 Wen finally arrived. He was delivered via C-Section since the girls had been (and my body refuses to deliver kids naturally). The prepping for surgery went fine until the spinal tap. Unfortunately the spinal tap didn't work completely and I could feel it on my right side when they began cutting. As much as I wanted to be awake when he was born, it quickly became evident that the only way I was going to make it was to be given general anesthesia. He was born at 8:20. It was a long and horrible morning as I dealt with the aftermath of the surgery, but I was finally able to meet him around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I don't even remember exactly when it was because I was so out of it. Luckily, the rest of the recovery went much better than the actual surgery.

On July 1st, we came home from the hospital and that same day we put our house up for sale. July was a whirlwind of trying to adjust to having 3 kids, Brian working overtime to get things in order at work before we moved, keeping the house clean for showings and then getting out of the house for hours on end while people went through it, and having Brian's parents visit for a week for Kaidrei's 4th birthday and Wen's blessing. 

On September 14, we loaded everything into the U-pack units with lots of selling and downsizing of stuff that wasn't worth moving. It was quite refreshing to get rid of  a lot of the "stuff" that honestly was just clutter. The next morning, my parents came down and the kids and I loaded up in the van and headed across the country caravanning with my parents. 

Brian stayed another week to finish up some things at work before he came across. The kids were amazing! Sunday we drove 4 hours before stopping for the night since we didn't leave until after lunch. The next two days we drove most of the day and the third day we made it to Alabama. The third day was the first time the girls had any real arguing at it was at hour 11 out of 12 for that day! Wen was a trooper too, he only cried when he was hungry or needed a diaper change! I was totally amazed with the kids. 

All packed in and ready to leave!

We made it!

We've been here 2 months now and are still trying to unpack and adjust to live in the South (well, I am... Brian is right at home). 

And now that I remember that we have a blog and how to get to it, I'm going to try to be better about putting things up!

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