November 30, 2013

Pixie Dust

I have a love hate relationship with many things, but the most polarized on is with glitter. I am like any other girl around in that I love love love sparkly things, thus the love of glitter. On the other hand, I love love love having things clean, thus the hatred of glitter. It gets everywhere and I swear you can't get rid of it.

With that background, let me tell you about a joyous morning! All three kids were sick in varying degrees and not sleeping well. I think between all three kids I was up 4 or 5 times. When Kaidrei and Malea came into our room before 6 that morning, we sent them back to their room to sleep or play. They quickly went back to their room and I dozed off to sleep again. A while later I forced myself out of bed because Kaidrei had speech class at 8, so I needed to get up and get us all fed and ready in time. I quickly threw on some clothes and stumbled, half asleep still, down the hall to the girls room where I could hear them giggling and playing. I opened the door, mumbled good morning, and starting looking in their closet for clothes. Only when they proudly insisted that I look at their sparkles did I notice the glitter on Malea's bed. I thought she must of scraped it off the picture we had glittered the prior week, until Malea stepped aside and I could see the pile of glitter on her sheet and the carpet too. At this point she proudly showed me the empty container that had been completely full! I took the container and left without a word. Somehow while they were in our room, they had taken the glitter without us noticing and went to happily play with their pixie dust.

The glitter doesn't show up nearly as well as I had hoped it would in these photos. It was everywhere.

As the girls called after me wondering why I was leaving. I counted higher than 10 that morning as I tried to calm down. Really the glitter doesn't matter, the mess is, well, a mess, but it wasn't what I wanted to deal with on the only morning we have to rush from the house after a night with very little sleep. I decided to ignore the mess for now and get us all out the door. We left the house covered in sparkles...even Brian was covered in them, because he gave the girls hugs. That morning at the IEP meeting everyone commented that we were glittery. The same things happened with random people at the stores we went to afterwards. I finally decided that we just need to spread some sparkle around town that morning. Everyone who heard what happened got a great laugh out of it and I will admit that every morning when Malea comes in covered in pixie dust to wake me up I can't help but smile. Yes we are going on day 4 and there is still glitter everywhere. 

Glitter I think I hate you a little more than I love you at the moment!

O Christmas Tree

Yesterday we set the Christmas tree up, but I hadn't found the ornaments in the attic yet. The girls were so excited. Malea kept telling us "Thank you so much! Thank you so much!" and giving us hugs. It is amazing how such simple things make their day. (I think I need to remember this lesson much more often in my own attitude about day to day life.) Last night as I was on my way to bed, I unplugged the Christmas lights and noticed that the girls had gone ahead and decorated the tree with their toys. The entire bottom half of the tree was covered with princesses, dolls, cars, and puppies. Even Superman and Mickey were there. They were so proud of their decorating job this morning as they showed it off to Daddy.

Arrr Matey!

We've been teaching Kaidrei how to use the computer and let her play on the Nick Jr and Disney websites playing games. She has come to love printing pictures she makes on the computer off so she can color them. So much so that we keep minimal paper in the printer when she is around. The other day she found the craft area on the Disney site that has printable crafts. She printed out a pirate eye patch, colored it, and then brought it to me for help cutting out and putting a string in. She was so proud of the eye patch she made. She later helped Malea make one and we played pirates all afternoon. She has found several of these craft activities in the last week and has really enjoyed them.

November 21, 2013


This is what usually happens when I try to exercise at home!

Usually accompanied with, "but Mom, I wanna help..."

Missing the puppies

Both the girls have been missing Grandma and Grandpa Nyman's puppies lately. Quite often we hear that we need to get a dog (usually a poodle). Looking back through pictures I had to smile when I saw this one of Malea sharing her ice cream with Teddy and I really mean sharing. At least one spoonful she let Teddy lick some off and then finished the rest off herself. Eww! ;)

Little Man

Today I needed to go to Target to return a dress and the girls insisted on looking at clothes. They were being good so I indulged them. We found this hat that Kaidrei thought would be perfect for Wen. I have to admit it looks adorable. 

On a side note I think it is sad how well this toddler hat fit him. All of our kids got my giant head!

November 20, 2013

Wen's new trick

I'm posting this for Daddy so he can see Wen's new trick. Oh alright, its for the grandparents too ;)

Not the most exciting video, but I was pretty impressed with how long he was able to stay sitting. It was the first night that I really tried to sit him up on his own, since usually he is in the Bumbo or jumper.

Oatmeal is Torture

This is from a few weeks ago, right after Wen turned 4 months old. He is not a fan of oatmeal and being the great parent that I am, I just laughed.

Bed Time

Tonight as the girls were supposedly getting in pajamas, Kaidrei was playing with Wen and had him giggling so hard. Of course as soon as I try to get it on camera he gets distracted by it and calms down some. Still a cute glimpse into our bedtime tonight.

After the girls were all tucked in I was sitting on their bed with Wen. I was trying to let Wen sit up on his own. When he would fall backwards (usually because he got so excited by seeing his sisters giggling) the girls would start laughing and so would Wen. Both Kaidrei and Malea wanted turns to catch him when he fell. I was able to catch a cute shot of them in the process.

I love how much these cuties care about each other!

Swimming at the Y

 I've been wanting to have a place to go to aerobics classes and had done some research between the YMCA and the wellness center. I've been wanting to go see both facilities to compare them, but never got around to it (partly because I've been waiting for the house to actually close). Then last Saturday, the sister missionaries called and asked for a ride to an investigators house. I decided since I was out on my own, I finally go tour the local YMCA since it was right there. I looked nice enough and I was happy about it, but I was ecstatic when they told me that because I took a tour I got a free week guest pass.

Talk about perfect timing, this week Brian has been back in Provo for work, so I'm on my own with the kids. This is the second week this month that he has been traveling for work. The first week didn't go well for us at home for a several reasons (the biggest one being that Malea chewed through her last pacifier the night before Brian flew out and she was VERY attached to it). Knowing that this week was coming and not wanting to have a repeat performance I decided I needed a plan. I found some kids activities and things around that area to go explore and had this great plan set up, but being able to go to the Y everyday to workout while the kids played in their Child Watch area (for up to 2 hours!). What a blessing it has been!

We've gone every day this week. I've tried several different classes and the kids have had a great time playing in the Kid's gym. Today I decided to let them go swimming. They have a splash pool, but the fountains aren't working at the moment (which is probably better for my kiddos). They had so much fun, especially after they realized that it only went up to Malea's shoulder at the deepest.

The hardest part was waiting the 15 minutes while they fixed the chemical something or other in the water. The kids sat patiently for the 15 minutes, but Kaidrei almost lost it when the lifegaurd told us it would probably be another 15 minutes. Luckily he came back about a minute later and said they could get in.

Patiently waiting!

Finally getting in to play!

It's not the biggest area, but it is perfect for them right now.

The Deep End

Wen hanging out on the sideline with me.

My 3 Things

My sister, Susan, made these great shirts for the kids! They were so excited when we first got them before Wen was born that the girls wore them to bed that night. Ever since they have been tucked away in a box so we could take these pictures. Granted getting pictures of three kids is always an adventure, but here are the best of them.

I love my silly kids!

I forgot...

You know it has been way too long since you've last blogged when....
  - You can't remember if you access your blog through Blogger or WordPress.
  - You have to relearn how to get around behind the scenes of your blog.
  - You've had another child since last blogging (with no mention of being pregnant).
  - ...

I feel like I could go on and on. In the craziness of the last year and more this blog has literally been forgotten. I don't quite know where to start, but I doubt I'd ever catch up if I tried to start from last September. I may try to catch up on some of the more recent moments or add some past pictures as I come across them, but I think I'm going to start from here and go on.

That being said... a quick overview of the last year (aka some of the reasons this blog was forgotten)

I found out we were pregnant in September and miscarried about 2 weeks later. This brought on a severe bout of postpartum depression with no cute baby to cuddle. Shortly later, in the midst of the depression, I find that we are pregnant again. My body was in shock at this point with all the hormone craziness and morning sickness. One day as Malea was napping, I let Kaidrei watch Tangled and I fell asleep on the couch thinking I'd hear her if she was up to mischief. I woke up to find this:

Kaidrei's long curly hair became a short bob haircut that is still growing out.

 Malea had her first dance recital - and we managed to take zero pictures of her in her costume - MOM FAIL!

We went to Alabama to spend Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Nyman and managed to all get sick (on top of my morning sickness) and took zero pictures. - MOM FAIL! (see a pattern). 

At the beginning of March, we were blessed when Brian's work sent Brian and I to Hawaii! We spent a week on Kuaui while Grandma Yancey watched the girls. It was such a fun week. We weren't able to do too much since I was pregnant, but we were able to go mountain tubing which was so much fun.

In May we were presented with an opportunity to move to Alabama and after lots and lots of prayer we knew it was the right move for our family right now. So we started getting things in order to move after the baby was born.

The last bit of the pregnancy was really difficult with migraines, bed rest, and a few scares, but on June 28 Wen finally arrived. He was delivered via C-Section since the girls had been (and my body refuses to deliver kids naturally). The prepping for surgery went fine until the spinal tap. Unfortunately the spinal tap didn't work completely and I could feel it on my right side when they began cutting. As much as I wanted to be awake when he was born, it quickly became evident that the only way I was going to make it was to be given general anesthesia. He was born at 8:20. It was a long and horrible morning as I dealt with the aftermath of the surgery, but I was finally able to meet him around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I don't even remember exactly when it was because I was so out of it. Luckily, the rest of the recovery went much better than the actual surgery.

On July 1st, we came home from the hospital and that same day we put our house up for sale. July was a whirlwind of trying to adjust to having 3 kids, Brian working overtime to get things in order at work before we moved, keeping the house clean for showings and then getting out of the house for hours on end while people went through it, and having Brian's parents visit for a week for Kaidrei's 4th birthday and Wen's blessing. 

On September 14, we loaded everything into the U-pack units with lots of selling and downsizing of stuff that wasn't worth moving. It was quite refreshing to get rid of  a lot of the "stuff" that honestly was just clutter. The next morning, my parents came down and the kids and I loaded up in the van and headed across the country caravanning with my parents. 

Brian stayed another week to finish up some things at work before he came across. The kids were amazing! Sunday we drove 4 hours before stopping for the night since we didn't leave until after lunch. The next two days we drove most of the day and the third day we made it to Alabama. The third day was the first time the girls had any real arguing at it was at hour 11 out of 12 for that day! Wen was a trooper too, he only cried when he was hungry or needed a diaper change! I was totally amazed with the kids. 

All packed in and ready to leave!

We made it!

We've been here 2 months now and are still trying to unpack and adjust to live in the South (well, I am... Brian is right at home). 

And now that I remember that we have a blog and how to get to it, I'm going to try to be better about putting things up!