September 20, 2012


This sweet girl has totally amazed me today. I really had to sit back and realize how grown up she is getting. 

This morning we were coloring in a coloring book and on the opposite page there was a simple maze with 3 or 4 path options. I asked her if she could get the dog to the door of his house and showed her one of the paths that didn't work. She took her crayon and drew the right path the first time. I thought it might be a fluke because she had been coloring on those pages for a while so I looked through the book and found another one. Without any hesitation she drew a path from the chicken to the nest on the first try.

Then this afternoon she happened to find her "baby bear" which has been lost for about a week (which has been absolutely devastating.) She had Brian and I both looking for it and no one could find it until this afternoon. She was so excited about it. I told her to pose with "baby bear" so I could take a picture to send to Daddy so he would know we found it. She immediately said "No, I call Daddy." I dialed for her, but she had an entire conversation with Daddy over the phone letting him know that she found baby bear all by herself and it was in the basement. We were proud of her for being able to communicate the whole story over the phone then tell Daddy that she loved him and goodbye!

Still more amazement this evening when she put together a 12 piece jigsaw puzzle all on her own. I tried to help her and Ms. Independent got very mad at me so I just sat back and enjoyed watching her figure it out (and keeping Malea from taking the part she had down apart). 

One other funny thing I have to add from a few days ago. 

She heard some puppies barking and said "I hear puppies. Grandpa Nyman here! Yay!" She was very disappointed to realize she wasn't hearing Tami and Teddy. I think it is cute too that Grandpa also means Grandma in her book. She can say grandma but it must not be as easy.

I haven't been feeling well the last few days so the kitchen has been neglected to say the least.  Yesterday the following conversation happened between Kaidrei and myself.

K:   Mom I need your help.
M:   What do you need help with?
K:   I need help cleaning mess.
M:   What mess? (thinking what has been spilled)
K:   This mess. (Pointing around the kitchen)
M:   What mess? Where?
K:   This mess all over kitchen.
M:   Yep, You are right the kitchen is a mess.

To say the least that gave me the momentary energy to get it cleaned up! 

Sneak Peak

Yesterday we had our wonderful neighbor Olya take our family pictures! This is one she posted on facebook last night. I can't wait to see the rest!

September 7, 2012

Feeding the ducks

Earlier this summer we fed the ducks. The girls both had lots of fun though towards the end Kaidrei started to get frustrated because they wouldn't come. So Kaidrei started yelling "Birdies come eat!

September 6, 2012


Kaidrei really wanted to dance on a stage while we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa Yancey this weekend. She decided if she was able to wear the tutu then a bed could substitute for the stage.

September 5, 2012

Ring Around the Rosie

We did ring around the rosie about a half hour prior to this video. We were playing in the living room with dolls when we realized that Malea was spinning with her baby doll saying "ashes ashes". 

I do have to point out something that I realized after watching this today. When Malea starts loosing her balance and getting really dizzy and falling, Kaidrei is the one concerned and asking if she is okay while Grandma and I are laughing. I think Kaidrei is a better person than I am! Oh the lessons we learn from our children. I guess this is why we are taught to be like little children.

I forgot...

that I have a blog apparently. In the craziness of summer this blog has been sorely neglected. 

In an attempt to rectify that I had to post pictures of this cutie's first day of Joy School today!

 (She thought my camera was broken because the flash wasn't going off )

 (Realizing the camera was fine earned me this cheesy grin)

She was super excited to go today! I can't believe how big she is getting!