June 4, 2012


Two summers ago when I was pregnant with Malea I did a fair amount of bike riding. Brian would literally ride circles around me on his fancy schmancy bike while I rode my thrift store wonder pulling Kaidrei in the bike trailer. (Disclaimer: I was pulling the trailer only so we could go while Brian was at work since it is a pain to switch which bike it is hooked to.) We jokingly said that we wanted to make it to Unity Pass. So we tried it and made it about half way there. 

From our house (B) to Unity Pass (A)

We didn't ride too much last summer because Malea wasn't the biggest fan because she was still pretty little. A few weeks ago I decided that I was going to go riding a lot this summer because both girls love it now and it is a great workout. So I told Brian that by the end of the summer I was going to make it to Unity Pass. 

A couple weeks ago I made it part way up (where they are building a new middle school) and decided that was good enough for the first try. Every time I drove that way into town I kept finding myself thinking "It isn't that much farther to the top of the pass. I can do it." So last Thursday I tried it. I loaded both girls in the trailer with some drinks and snacks and off we went.

I made it to the middle school and passed it. Then the hills started and I began thinking I'm making it today because I'm NEVER going to do this to myself again. I thought I was going to die..ok.. not really...but oh it was hard. Especially when a guy came zooming passed us on his bike like it was nothing. I will admit that the end of the hills were not ridden up as much as me pushing the bike and trailer (carrying about 60 pounds!) with all my might, but I MADE IT! I DID IT! And of course I had to take a picture to prove that I did it!

The little red arrow in the middle of the picture is pointing to our church steeple which is a few blocks away from our house.

After letting the girls out to walk around and pick wildflowers for a few minutes (ok, really while I tried to recover), we loaded back up to head home. I'm thinking at this point I'm glad I made my goal and I'll never do it again. We head down the hills and almost immediately I hear giggles from the girls and Kaidrei screaming at the top of her lungs "WEEEEEEEEE". Maybe it was that, maybe it was that I didn't have to pedal for a long way on the way home, or maybe it was the sense of accomplishment when I was able to tell Brian that I did it (and see his shock), but I think I will be doing it again. I'm debating my new goal to be doing it once a week or maybe saying twice a month. We'll have to see... ;)

Of course, on the way home we had to detour to find a park because that is just how we do things. ;)

Malea was really exhausted (she didn't even want to get out of the trailer to swing!)  until she saw my water bottle and she took it over! I think she was over heated.

Kaidrei was wearing sandals and refused to be in the wood chips because things would get under her feet in the sandals.

We ended up laying on the grass in the shade and eating applesauce before heading home.

When we got home both girls immediately ran to the freezer and began asking for a Popsicle and then plopped down on the swing.

 It was a great morning though very exhausting (which was probably added to the fact that after this I mowed the lawn and made banana bread - at least after then we spent the rest of the day relaxing.) My phone tracked our ride as being about 9 miles!

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