May 20, 2012

Kaidrei's First Dance Recital

Last summer I found a local dance studio (a block away) that was having a summer workshop where the kids go dance every day for one week. We decided to let Kaidrei try it. She liked it, but we weren't sure how she would do. When January came around we decided to let her do it. There were weeks when she was super excited to go dance and other days when "I stay Mommy's dance" was her mantra. The last few weeks it has seemed like she has wanted to do dance less and less, so we were trying to decide what to do for this summer and fall. I think our decision (ok really her decision) was made last night after her first taste of performing on stage. 

They did a dress rehearsal in the morning where they did their dance twice. The first time she did great....the second time not so much.

I love that she is right in sync with her teacher, Miss Jamie.

 The balance beam

 Smiling for all the cameras...and getting in other peoples pictures - she kept standing next to other kids getting pictures taken and smiling but would ignore me when I asked her to pose for me! silly girl.

After the second run through they did class and individual photos...this didn't end well - or even start well for us. She was done and began screaming I sleepy. In the end we went home and she took over an hour and half nap at 9:45 (she didn't sleep well the night before).

Yes, I feel like a very mean mommy in this picture as she is begging for me to save her from the torture of pictures.

I love the action shot of comedy of getting a class picture of thirteen 18 month - 3 year old kids! At this point one of the boys had fallen down and knocked over the backdrop - Luckily parents were close enough to catch it before it landed on the class.

  The best class shot and there were a lot of parents trying to persuade their kids to smile and stay put cropped out of this.

Lucky for us, Kaidrei got her break down done in the morning and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. She came alive when she saw all the people and the stage and lights.She kept wanting to go up on stage before the show and finally I relented to taking a few pictures on the steps of the stage.

  She is trying to yell to Daddy to look at her.

Fifteen minutes before the show started they went backstage to lineup with their classes. The hall was really dark and the lights that were supposed to be there had dead batteries so parents were using cell phones to keep it light enough for the little ones. The girls ended up lined up and holding hands in the dark.

Kaidrei did so well during her dance! We are seriously gushing with pride! She came out spinning and positioned herself front and center. She even started doing the moves before the teacher in front doing the actions for them to follow started!

Afterwards she kept wanting to go back up on stage. Char and Chayla came out to watch her and so we had our mini dance party in the side aisle. The favorite was ring around the rosie. They had so much fun!

Char and Chayla left after a few dances to get home and do bedtime. After they left Kaidrei kept asking to go back on stage and dance. One dance definitely wasn't enough for this girl. Once we told her that she didn't get to go back up, she decided she was sleepy and asked to go home. She had learned a dance for the finale, but after realizing that there were 27 dance numbers and an intermission. I didn't think that we would be happy campers since the recital started at 7 and Kaidrei is normally in bed by 7:30.

Overall it was such a fun night! It was so fun seeing her enjoying herself so much. I have a feeling we will be doing dance for the foreseeable future!

And here is the awaited for video of her performance! Enjoy!

Good Job Kaidrei! We love you!

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