April 16, 2012

Push Pony

Grandma Yancey found Malea a little ride on pony at a second hand store. (I'm hoping it will lessen the battles over Kaidrei's tricycle.) Malea loved riding it around as did Kaidrei. Kaidrei is crying in the background because she didn't want to let Malea have a turn. The joys of sharing as toddlers.


Perfect Moment

Today I was finishing up making dinner when Brian got home. After visiting my parents for the last week or so Brian got attacked by both girls. Kaidrei proceeded to put on her shoes, get Brian his coat and hat, and opened the door to go out and play. Malea was not about to be left behind! As I was working in the kitchen I happened to look out the window to hear fierce giggling as Brian was playing with them, and I couldn't help but stop and enjoy this perfect moment. Life isn't perfect, but there are definitely moments that are. Now if I would stop and realize them more often.

April 6, 2012


Last week for Joy School we learned about Kites. I wasn't sure if we would be successful flying kites outside. The day before I came across an idea in a magazine to make rockets that launch out of cups. So we used that idea only did it with kites. It was a big hit with all the kids. This video was a few days later and both girls were still just as excited about them.


Essentially you make four 1/2 inch cuts into the top of the cup. Then cut a rubber band and slip the rubber band through the slits you just cut and tie a knot on the ends so they stay in place (forming an X across the opening of the cup). We put tape around the cut so that there weren't any rough edges and to keep the rubber bands from tearing the slit further. Then you push the cup down onto another one of the same size and let go and it will fly.