March 3, 2012


This last year we've had Kaidrei doing a Joy School with some of the other kids in the neighborhood. The other kids are 3 or 4 and we did it for Kaidrei mostly so she could hear the other kids talking and have the social aspect since she is only 2. She has done great, espeically since she has gotten used to how it works each week. We have been amazed at how much she has learned and the random times when she graces us with her knowledge. The last few weeks I've been working with her on shapes. She loves pulling out the shape posters, saying shapes names, laying them out on the ground and running to the shape we call out. Last night we thought to pull out the camera and catch it on tape. The words aren't perfect but it is so fun to hear her say the shapes names. I especially love trapezoid and octagon.


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