March 14, 2012

A New Baby

After being a one car family for 6 months, we have a new baby!

This weekend we went to Salt Lake for our anniversary while Grandma Yancey stayed with the girls. We didn't have any plans other than going to the temple and relaxing but we decided it would be a good time to test drive a car without the kiddos. We'd been researching for months and knew what we wanted. We went to a dealership and were pleasantly surprised to find a good deal on a used 2009 Toyota Prius with on 37,000 miles! 

It has already been a huge blessing. Kaidrei has an eating class on Wednesdays and both girls have a music and movement class on Fridays. With only the one car, we'd all drive with Brian down to work in the morning leaving at 6:45. On Wednesdays, the girls and I would turn around and drive back home for a couple hours before leaving Malea with a babysitter, driving into Kaidrei's class in Lehi for an hour and a half, then driving back to pick up Malea, then drive back to Provo and pick up Brian. If I was lucky the girls would nap on the way back to Provo in the afternoon. Either way it made for a very long day of driving. On Friday we usually tried to stay in and around Provo and Lehi while Brian was at work, but that equated to 8-10 hours of errand running with two toddlers! To say the least we didn't go to the Friday class too often because after all the driving on Wednesdays I couldn't handle the thought of doing it again two days later...and that's not mentioning the girls' opinions!

One of our favorite things is how little gas it uses! We figure that half or more of our car payment will be what we  have been spending each month on gas from Brian's commute in our other car. We are very happy to have a new-to-us car!

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