March 30, 2012

Bouncing Balloons

Brian was out of town the last couple days for another business trip and the few commitments we had yesterday afternoon fell through. I decided to get out of the house so we would be busy and not miss Brian as much, but those plans didn't work out either. Then my wonderful friend Laurel happened to stop by. When we get together time just seems to fly. Her boys are 4 and 18 months and the girls LOVE playing with them! So the kids played and we chatted and just had girl time. Malea just followed Gevin (18 months) around and by watching him walk around she finally decided she could do it! She is official mobile as of today! HOORAY!

At one point the Malea started to get fussy and only then did I realize we had been in the basement playing for 3 or more hours and nobody realized it. It is so true that time flies when you are having fun. Laurel's husband works a late shift and she didn't have any plans, the kids were having fun, so we had an impromptu movie and popcorn night. Well, the kids did as we continue to talk and catch up. We've both been so busy that we just haven't seen each other in probably a month or more. About 9 pm, the movie ended so we called it a night - though I think the Kaidrei and Tate would have kept playing...I know Laurel and I would have. Towards the end of the night Kaidrei got really wound up and decided that bouncing on a balloon was a good idea. She did it quite a bit and it didn't pop, so I decided to get it on video when she started again after everyone left because it just made me laugh. 

I can't watch it without laughing! Kaidrei is such a funny girl.

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