January 5, 2012


Yesterday the girls and I tagged along with Ashlee to Ikea! It is such a fun and huge store. Sadly Kaidrei was an inch too short to play in the playland they have there (plus you have to be toilet trained...hmmm). She didn't seem to mind walking along with us. She especially loved all the apartment setups. She really liked this bed with the canopy.

Things went relatively well until we made it to the bedding section of the store (which was only about 1/3 of the way through - or less). Kaidrei saw all these beds made up with pillows and blankets - took of her shoes and declared it was bedtime and proceeded to climb in. We had quite the battle at that point and bee-lined as much as possible to the exit. Malea was really good too, though the one picture I took of her didn't get saved because my phone died in the midst of it.

We told Kaidrei we were going and she kept saying Ikea (sorry the video isn't great - it was off my cell phone).

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