September 20, 2012


This sweet girl has totally amazed me today. I really had to sit back and realize how grown up she is getting. 

This morning we were coloring in a coloring book and on the opposite page there was a simple maze with 3 or 4 path options. I asked her if she could get the dog to the door of his house and showed her one of the paths that didn't work. She took her crayon and drew the right path the first time. I thought it might be a fluke because she had been coloring on those pages for a while so I looked through the book and found another one. Without any hesitation she drew a path from the chicken to the nest on the first try.

Then this afternoon she happened to find her "baby bear" which has been lost for about a week (which has been absolutely devastating.) She had Brian and I both looking for it and no one could find it until this afternoon. She was so excited about it. I told her to pose with "baby bear" so I could take a picture to send to Daddy so he would know we found it. She immediately said "No, I call Daddy." I dialed for her, but she had an entire conversation with Daddy over the phone letting him know that she found baby bear all by herself and it was in the basement. We were proud of her for being able to communicate the whole story over the phone then tell Daddy that she loved him and goodbye!

Still more amazement this evening when she put together a 12 piece jigsaw puzzle all on her own. I tried to help her and Ms. Independent got very mad at me so I just sat back and enjoyed watching her figure it out (and keeping Malea from taking the part she had down apart). 

One other funny thing I have to add from a few days ago. 

She heard some puppies barking and said "I hear puppies. Grandpa Nyman here! Yay!" She was very disappointed to realize she wasn't hearing Tami and Teddy. I think it is cute too that Grandpa also means Grandma in her book. She can say grandma but it must not be as easy.

I haven't been feeling well the last few days so the kitchen has been neglected to say the least.  Yesterday the following conversation happened between Kaidrei and myself.

K:   Mom I need your help.
M:   What do you need help with?
K:   I need help cleaning mess.
M:   What mess? (thinking what has been spilled)
K:   This mess. (Pointing around the kitchen)
M:   What mess? Where?
K:   This mess all over kitchen.
M:   Yep, You are right the kitchen is a mess.

To say the least that gave me the momentary energy to get it cleaned up! 

Sneak Peak

Yesterday we had our wonderful neighbor Olya take our family pictures! This is one she posted on facebook last night. I can't wait to see the rest!

September 7, 2012

Feeding the ducks

Earlier this summer we fed the ducks. The girls both had lots of fun though towards the end Kaidrei started to get frustrated because they wouldn't come. So Kaidrei started yelling "Birdies come eat!

September 6, 2012


Kaidrei really wanted to dance on a stage while we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa Yancey this weekend. She decided if she was able to wear the tutu then a bed could substitute for the stage.

September 5, 2012

Ring Around the Rosie

We did ring around the rosie about a half hour prior to this video. We were playing in the living room with dolls when we realized that Malea was spinning with her baby doll saying "ashes ashes". 

I do have to point out something that I realized after watching this today. When Malea starts loosing her balance and getting really dizzy and falling, Kaidrei is the one concerned and asking if she is okay while Grandma and I are laughing. I think Kaidrei is a better person than I am! Oh the lessons we learn from our children. I guess this is why we are taught to be like little children.

I forgot...

that I have a blog apparently. In the craziness of summer this blog has been sorely neglected. 

In an attempt to rectify that I had to post pictures of this cutie's first day of Joy School today!

 (She thought my camera was broken because the flash wasn't going off )

 (Realizing the camera was fine earned me this cheesy grin)

She was super excited to go today! I can't believe how big she is getting!

June 4, 2012


Two summers ago when I was pregnant with Malea I did a fair amount of bike riding. Brian would literally ride circles around me on his fancy schmancy bike while I rode my thrift store wonder pulling Kaidrei in the bike trailer. (Disclaimer: I was pulling the trailer only so we could go while Brian was at work since it is a pain to switch which bike it is hooked to.) We jokingly said that we wanted to make it to Unity Pass. So we tried it and made it about half way there. 

From our house (B) to Unity Pass (A)

We didn't ride too much last summer because Malea wasn't the biggest fan because she was still pretty little. A few weeks ago I decided that I was going to go riding a lot this summer because both girls love it now and it is a great workout. So I told Brian that by the end of the summer I was going to make it to Unity Pass. 

A couple weeks ago I made it part way up (where they are building a new middle school) and decided that was good enough for the first try. Every time I drove that way into town I kept finding myself thinking "It isn't that much farther to the top of the pass. I can do it." So last Thursday I tried it. I loaded both girls in the trailer with some drinks and snacks and off we went.

I made it to the middle school and passed it. Then the hills started and I began thinking I'm making it today because I'm NEVER going to do this to myself again. I thought I was going to die..ok.. not really...but oh it was hard. Especially when a guy came zooming passed us on his bike like it was nothing. I will admit that the end of the hills were not ridden up as much as me pushing the bike and trailer (carrying about 60 pounds!) with all my might, but I MADE IT! I DID IT! And of course I had to take a picture to prove that I did it!

The little red arrow in the middle of the picture is pointing to our church steeple which is a few blocks away from our house.

After letting the girls out to walk around and pick wildflowers for a few minutes (ok, really while I tried to recover), we loaded back up to head home. I'm thinking at this point I'm glad I made my goal and I'll never do it again. We head down the hills and almost immediately I hear giggles from the girls and Kaidrei screaming at the top of her lungs "WEEEEEEEEE". Maybe it was that, maybe it was that I didn't have to pedal for a long way on the way home, or maybe it was the sense of accomplishment when I was able to tell Brian that I did it (and see his shock), but I think I will be doing it again. I'm debating my new goal to be doing it once a week or maybe saying twice a month. We'll have to see... ;)

Of course, on the way home we had to detour to find a park because that is just how we do things. ;)

Malea was really exhausted (she didn't even want to get out of the trailer to swing!)  until she saw my water bottle and she took it over! I think she was over heated.

Kaidrei was wearing sandals and refused to be in the wood chips because things would get under her feet in the sandals.

We ended up laying on the grass in the shade and eating applesauce before heading home.

When we got home both girls immediately ran to the freezer and began asking for a Popsicle and then plopped down on the swing.

 It was a great morning though very exhausting (which was probably added to the fact that after this I mowed the lawn and made banana bread - at least after then we spent the rest of the day relaxing.) My phone tracked our ride as being about 9 miles!

June 1, 2012

Loving Sisters

Kaidrei really wanted to sit on Daddy's lap tonight, but Malea had situated herself there. She kept trying to get me to hold Malea as I was making dinner. Finally she solved the problem of getting Malea off Daddy's lap by holding Malea herself! It was so cute to hear her say, "I hold Malea"! I can't believe how much they are growing up! I'm very grateful they love each other...most of the time.

May 20, 2012

Kaidrei's First Dance Recital

Last summer I found a local dance studio (a block away) that was having a summer workshop where the kids go dance every day for one week. We decided to let Kaidrei try it. She liked it, but we weren't sure how she would do. When January came around we decided to let her do it. There were weeks when she was super excited to go dance and other days when "I stay Mommy's dance" was her mantra. The last few weeks it has seemed like she has wanted to do dance less and less, so we were trying to decide what to do for this summer and fall. I think our decision (ok really her decision) was made last night after her first taste of performing on stage. 

They did a dress rehearsal in the morning where they did their dance twice. The first time she did great....the second time not so much.

I love that she is right in sync with her teacher, Miss Jamie.

 The balance beam

 Smiling for all the cameras...and getting in other peoples pictures - she kept standing next to other kids getting pictures taken and smiling but would ignore me when I asked her to pose for me! silly girl.

After the second run through they did class and individual photos...this didn't end well - or even start well for us. She was done and began screaming I sleepy. In the end we went home and she took over an hour and half nap at 9:45 (she didn't sleep well the night before).

Yes, I feel like a very mean mommy in this picture as she is begging for me to save her from the torture of pictures.

I love the action shot of comedy of getting a class picture of thirteen 18 month - 3 year old kids! At this point one of the boys had fallen down and knocked over the backdrop - Luckily parents were close enough to catch it before it landed on the class.

  The best class shot and there were a lot of parents trying to persuade their kids to smile and stay put cropped out of this.

Lucky for us, Kaidrei got her break down done in the morning and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. She came alive when she saw all the people and the stage and lights.She kept wanting to go up on stage before the show and finally I relented to taking a few pictures on the steps of the stage.

  She is trying to yell to Daddy to look at her.

Fifteen minutes before the show started they went backstage to lineup with their classes. The hall was really dark and the lights that were supposed to be there had dead batteries so parents were using cell phones to keep it light enough for the little ones. The girls ended up lined up and holding hands in the dark.

Kaidrei did so well during her dance! We are seriously gushing with pride! She came out spinning and positioned herself front and center. She even started doing the moves before the teacher in front doing the actions for them to follow started!

Afterwards she kept wanting to go back up on stage. Char and Chayla came out to watch her and so we had our mini dance party in the side aisle. The favorite was ring around the rosie. They had so much fun!

Char and Chayla left after a few dances to get home and do bedtime. After they left Kaidrei kept asking to go back on stage and dance. One dance definitely wasn't enough for this girl. Once we told her that she didn't get to go back up, she decided she was sleepy and asked to go home. She had learned a dance for the finale, but after realizing that there were 27 dance numbers and an intermission. I didn't think that we would be happy campers since the recital started at 7 and Kaidrei is normally in bed by 7:30.

Overall it was such a fun night! It was so fun seeing her enjoying herself so much. I have a feeling we will be doing dance for the foreseeable future!

And here is the awaited for video of her performance! Enjoy!

Good Job Kaidrei! We love you!

Playing Together

Grandma and Grandpa Nyman this is what was happening in the background as we talked on the phone today! Such silly girls who were miraculously super happy after having such a rough time just moments before at church!

April 16, 2012

Push Pony

Grandma Yancey found Malea a little ride on pony at a second hand store. (I'm hoping it will lessen the battles over Kaidrei's tricycle.) Malea loved riding it around as did Kaidrei. Kaidrei is crying in the background because she didn't want to let Malea have a turn. The joys of sharing as toddlers.


Perfect Moment

Today I was finishing up making dinner when Brian got home. After visiting my parents for the last week or so Brian got attacked by both girls. Kaidrei proceeded to put on her shoes, get Brian his coat and hat, and opened the door to go out and play. Malea was not about to be left behind! As I was working in the kitchen I happened to look out the window to hear fierce giggling as Brian was playing with them, and I couldn't help but stop and enjoy this perfect moment. Life isn't perfect, but there are definitely moments that are. Now if I would stop and realize them more often.

April 6, 2012


Last week for Joy School we learned about Kites. I wasn't sure if we would be successful flying kites outside. The day before I came across an idea in a magazine to make rockets that launch out of cups. So we used that idea only did it with kites. It was a big hit with all the kids. This video was a few days later and both girls were still just as excited about them.


Essentially you make four 1/2 inch cuts into the top of the cup. Then cut a rubber band and slip the rubber band through the slits you just cut and tie a knot on the ends so they stay in place (forming an X across the opening of the cup). We put tape around the cut so that there weren't any rough edges and to keep the rubber bands from tearing the slit further. Then you push the cup down onto another one of the same size and let go and it will fly.

March 31, 2012

Malea is Walking!

Its official! After months of walking around holding onto a hand, wall, or couch, yesterday Malea decided the world won't come to an end if she tries on her own. She has been so happy with her new found freedom! I still can't believe how steady she is walking. She was 15 months and 10 days old..

The other day Brian and I were watching old home videos and came across this one (below) of when Kaidrei learned to walk. We couldn't believe the difference between them. Kaidrei was 4 days short of 15 months old.

All ready for bed!

March 30, 2012

Things to Remember

Kaidrei has started saying some funny things, some sweet things, and some spunky things (for a lack of a better way to say it). I decided I wanted to record some of these things so I wouldn't forget.

A few months ago, we were walking out of a store and to the car. We were parked right by the sidewalk. I was carrying Malea as Kaidrei was walking with me. She didn't want to go to the car. I asked her to come, then told her I needed her to come with us. Just as two elderly gentlemen were passing us, I asked her to come with us (in a very stern voice). She looked and me and with a lot of sass and attitude she said "Nnnnnnnnnnnnooo!". The two gentlemen just smiled at me and said just wait until she is a teenager....I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet.

A few days ago at dinner, we had soda to drink. I had a small burp and before I could say excuse me, Kaidrei said "excuse you"! Brian and I both chuckled at this, because it surprised us so much.

Now a few from today....

This morning I asked Kaidrei if she wanted a cereal bar for breakfast and her response was "no thanks mom"!

We were going down the stairs and Kaidrei was carrying two sippy cups with her and wanted to do it all by herself. I said, "when did you get to be such a big girl?" Kaidrei's response "I didn't, I little!"

Malea had a fussy spell this afternoon and was just upset in general. I got her calmed down a little bit but she still wasn't settled. Kaidrei went over to her and gave her a hug and kiss and said "Malea, be happy." Then proceeded to play right there by her until she got Malea laughing and happy. I think these two are going to be best buds...well honestly they already are.

Kaidrei got her finger smashed in the freezer door. She was hurting and upset - the finger was all black and blue and swelling. She wanted Daddy, but he has been out of town. I knew he was where he could answer the phone so I asked her if she wanted to call and talk to Daddy. She just pointed out the window (it was about the time that Brian usually gets home from work) and said "No, Daddy hug". A phone call wasn't what she wanted, she wanted Daddy to be home and give her a big hug. She will be so excited in the morning when she wakes up and Daddy is home!

I can't believe how much she has progressed in her talking in the last few months. She really has only been talking more than a few words since December! We have actually decided to exit her out of the early intervention program so that the people who have been helping Kaidrei will be free to help another kiddo who needs it more than she does at this point. I am so grateful to live where there is a program like this available. It has helped Kaidrei (and me) so much.

And I guess I'm done for the night because Kaidrei is up and crying...Here is to hoping we get some sleep tonight.

Bouncing Balloons

Brian was out of town the last couple days for another business trip and the few commitments we had yesterday afternoon fell through. I decided to get out of the house so we would be busy and not miss Brian as much, but those plans didn't work out either. Then my wonderful friend Laurel happened to stop by. When we get together time just seems to fly. Her boys are 4 and 18 months and the girls LOVE playing with them! So the kids played and we chatted and just had girl time. Malea just followed Gevin (18 months) around and by watching him walk around she finally decided she could do it! She is official mobile as of today! HOORAY!

At one point the Malea started to get fussy and only then did I realize we had been in the basement playing for 3 or more hours and nobody realized it. It is so true that time flies when you are having fun. Laurel's husband works a late shift and she didn't have any plans, the kids were having fun, so we had an impromptu movie and popcorn night. Well, the kids did as we continue to talk and catch up. We've both been so busy that we just haven't seen each other in probably a month or more. About 9 pm, the movie ended so we called it a night - though I think the Kaidrei and Tate would have kept playing...I know Laurel and I would have. Towards the end of the night Kaidrei got really wound up and decided that bouncing on a balloon was a good idea. She did it quite a bit and it didn't pop, so I decided to get it on video when she started again after everyone left because it just made me laugh. 

I can't watch it without laughing! Kaidrei is such a funny girl.

High as the Trees

Today we went to the park and the girls had a great time playing! Both were especially loving the swings! The video was off my phone so it is a big long because I couldn't edit it before uploading it, but I think a few grandparents will thoroughly enjoy it.

March 27, 2012

Survival Mode

 The last several months we have been in survival mode at our house. We are doing fine overall, but have been very exhausted and thus very behind. We are finally feeling like we can do some things beyond the bare minimum of surviving day to day, so I decided to try and play catch up on our blog. Yes, it is almost April and I'm finally going to post about Malea's birthday and Christmas! So behind! Pictures are at the end, because they didn't upload in any logical order. ;)

As for the why of the survival mode...Since last September we have had issues with Kaidrei being "sick" a lot. We thought it was just bugs going around the neighborhood kids, but she always had something and usually it involved vomiting. In a one week span, she threw up 8 times. It got to where it wasn't unusual for her to throw up - sometimes while being asleep. Coupled with this, Kaidrei had issues sleeping through the night. We've given her a bottle at night, taken it away, shut the door, left the door open, put a child lock on the inside of the door so she couldn't open it, slept on the floor next to her bed, eventually moved an air mattress in and slept on that (for over a month). We felt like we've tried just about anything to try and get some sleep. Most of the time she would wake up screaming, holding at her stomach and crying that it hurt.

In December, I finally reached a point where I thought I was going to snap (okay, I'd already been there many times). I called the doctor to make and appointment and the nurse told me that she had some material I could read first. I just about lost it and told her off that I already had read everything I could find on sleep at a library or online and even Kaidrei's therapists were at a loss of what to try, instead I just insisted on an appointment. The doctor suggested trying an antacid and then if it didn't help in a month  to go see a gastrointestinal specialist. So we did that and didn't mark-able improvement but it is hard to get a 2 year old to take a non liquid medicine. We also did some blood work including an allergy test which showed she wasn't allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, or wheat.

Things all came to a head in January when we couldn't get her to sleep or eat. We were getting up with her 8-10 times a night. Sometimes she would go back to sleep with a hug, other times she screamed for a long time. We moved Malea to her own room in case they were waking each other up, but it didn't seem to make any difference. We tried eliminating naps, moving the nap time - no luck. There were days that she would eat a packet of fruit snacks and that was it for the entire day. At this point, Kaidrei's occupational therapist suggested switching her off soy milk. (Kaidrei has been lactose intolerant from a year or less). So we switched her from soy milk to rice milk because we could still get rice milk in bulk at Costco. Her behavior and sleeping improved some, but she broke out in a horrible rash all over her chin and cheeks. Come to find out it was an allergic reaction to rice milk. In all this milk switching we found that the soy and rice didn't sit well with Malea either, so at this point, we switched to Lact-aid. The good news is that it has help remarkably with both the sleeping and the eating, but bad news is that it is about $6 a gallon for the generic that with both girls drinking it we go through a lot of milk.

During the milk experimenting, I got an appointment with the GI specialist. The closest appointment was almost 3 weeks away, so we started an eating class through Kids on the Move (the Early Intervention program here and who are therapists are from). This class has helped so much! There are 5 kiddos in the class and each week they come and eat lunch together. They have set routines before the meal and during the meal they try 10-12 foods. Each week they introduce 3-4 new foods. They work on getting the kids to play with the food, touch it to their lips, and eventually eat it, but most importantly to make eating fun since it is "hard work" to the kids. We are now in week 10 of 12 and the change in Kaidrei's eating is remarkable.

On Valentine's Day we went to the GI specialist. We talked a lot and had some more blood work done. Kaidrei was a trooper, but it was hard on both of us when they had to draw 5 vials of blood for the test. About a week later, we found out that she "isn't allergic to soy or rice", though we know it doesn't agree with her at all. The other test results told us that she didn't have Celiac's, that she had an elevated inflammation level in her body (could be in her stomach possibly), and that she had an elevated allergy level (this could be to food, animal hair, or dust mites). Because the levels were in the blood there isn't a good way to find out what is the cause or even where it is in the body. We could do a scope of her stomach, but the doctor was very honest that it may not result in anything. We decided she had been through enough at this point, especially since she had started eating more and sleeping a bit better. At this point she occasionally sleeps through the night, but usually is up 1-3 times a night on good nights. There are still bad nights. The particularly horrible nights now involves both girls being up.

To say the least it has been a rough few months and even getting up 3 times a night seems like getting sleep now - which is so sad. We are just glad that most of the problems that were going on in Kaidrei's little body have been solved. It was so miserable to hear her say that her tummy hurt and not be able to do anything about it and to know that it was going to hurt the next day too. Kaidrei got sick this last week and vomited a few times and it took several days for her to eat again. I'm sure it is because she has come to associate vomiting with eating and she knows it hurts. Another plus, is that she has been so much happier in general which makes everyone so much happier.

Now on to the catching up....

We had a great Christmas. Brian's parents came out and spent a few weeks with us and we had a great time. The girls loved it. (We've been thinking lately they need to come back because Malea was so happy when they were here and she has been grumpy the majority of the time since. I'm sure it is due to other things also, but still.) While they were here we worked hard and got part of our basement finished and laid carpet down in half the basement to make a playroom. Which I am beyond grateful to have - it is so nice to have a space where the girls can run around and pull out toys.

Malea turned 1 on December 20th. We celebrated on the 18th with dinner and cake with some friends and family. It was a fun day, but things didn't go as planned. As I was pulling the breadsticks out of the oven I hear Brian call out from the couch (with Kaidrei on his lap) to grab Malea she's going for the stairs. Before we know it there is the sound of a bowling ball going down the stairs. I got to the top of the stairs in time to see her roll like a little ball hitting every step and landing on her head at the bottom. This took place maybe 30 minutes before the party started so she wasn't too much in the partying mood. She did enjoy all the commotion and friends. Her presents were a hit with all the kids there but she didn't venture much from my lap.

On New Years' Day, we started a new tradition of having a Family Birthday Party. Really it amounted to having cupcakes (because Kaidrei wanted to have a birthday cake) and watching a movie together. I really was a great evening and we all enjoyed it. Maybe next year we'll do something a bit more exciting.

Also in January, I decided I was going to loose weight...along with most of the world. I'm excited that after almost 3 months, I have had some success. I have lost 21 pounds, 17 inches from around my body, and several pant and dress sizes. Now my problem is that most of my pants fall off with very little help from little hands! I guess sometime soon I'll have to go shopping. I think it is the first time in my life that I have actually made good progress with the same resolution that I make year after year. I'm still working and hope to lose another 15-20 pounds by the end of the year. I'm trying to just keep doing what I'm doing and not getting frustrated with the plateaus.

February and March have brought some more business trips for Brian. He is doing so well they keep sending him. It is a blessing that he is doing great, but we miss him so much while he is gone.

The first weekend in March, we celebrated our 5 year anniversary. I can hardly believe it. I don't know where the time has gone and I love my life. I have the most wonderful husband ever! To celebrate we spent the weekend in Salt Lake, while my mom stayed with the girls. It was nice to be away and get a full night sleep, but I missed my sidekicks. There aren't many times that they are away from me...Malea especially. Kaidrei is Daddy's girl, but Malea is definitely Mommy's girl!

I'm sure I've forgotten things, but at least it is some sort of an update and I have things recorded so I don't forget. Now on to the pictures....

 Kaidrei discovered building houses out of these foam letter puzzle pieces. Unfortunately it was Mom and Dad doing the building and her pulling them down. They eventually got hidden so we could have a reprieve.

She had a ton of fun with them though and insisted one night on having her "house" on her bed before she would go to sleep.

 I had a doctor appointment this morning and we had time to kill because we went early to take Brian to work. So after stopping at Walmart to return something we played in their arcade area. 

 Playing in the waiting room...this was actually after the appointment was over because there was no wait before. 

 This bead table was just too much fun to not take a few minutes to play!

 I came in to find Kaidrei reading "Goodnight Gorilla" to Malea...and reading it right. 
"Goodnight Lion. Goodnight Elephant..."

 Malea discovered the bag of onions in the pantry.

 Apparently they are very good fine motor skill practice.

 As she peeled multiple of them....and the onions are no longer stored there.

 Kaidrei decided to wear my heels on the day I pulled out all my shoes to sort through them.

 Malea loves to color and draw. I took these pictures because I couldn't believe how she is holding the marker.

 Time after time she will pick up the crayon or marker and then rearrange it so she is holding it properly. It just came naturally to her...but I'm still shocked by it.

 After a long day in the car, driving Daddy to work, then home, then to class, then home, the to get Daddy, and come home again. LONG DAY!

 Malea "smiling" because she knew I was taking a picture.

 Malea's Hair is finally long enough for pig tails. She usually has one in each hand when she is tired!

 We celebrated Dr. Suess's Birthday with a party at our neighbors house. We read books, went fishing, and colored pictures.

 We have had some really nice days outside so we pulled out a mini sand box to play, along with chalk.

 Kaidrei was off to visit the neighbors...whether she was supposed to or not!

 I found Malea with a hat on and shoes in her hand at the garage door. She wanted to go outside and find Kaidrei who had gone to preschool. She wasn't happy to wait the 30 minutes until it was time to go get her, but was elated to see her. Malea loves Kaidrei and if Kaidrei isn't awake when Malea gets up from her nap she will usually fuss and cry no matter what I do until we go wake up Kaidrei.

 Malea only has 6 teeth right now, but it didn't stop her from eating an apple just like her sister did.

 Malea's first birthday Party!

 The Cake.

 She doesn't like being sticky.

 Opening birthday Presents.

 Making sugar cookies for Santa on Christmas was also what Kaidrei had for breakfast Christmas morning.

 Christmas morning....Kaidrei was so excited to see a new Tricycle from Grandma and Grandpa Nyman.

 Malea just wanted to continue her normal routine with milk before anything else.

Kaidrei got this princess dress and slippers for Christmas and this is what she ended up wearing to church. We figured she had a dress on and it wasn't worth the battle on Christmas...either way she is so cute!

 After Church, Malea fell alseep in the midst of playing -  I think this is the only time I have ever seen this happen....EVER.

While Malea slept, Kaidrei danced with Daddy!

 Our Family December 2011

 The Nyman Clan

 Our Family Birthday Party.

The cupcakes - I love her look of excitement

Especially in contrast with Maleas look of concern.

 Washing down the cake with milk while watching a movie.

 Fingerpainting Project...

 or toe painting...

Note to self....Malea would rather hold the bottle of paint than actually paint. She doesn't like paint on her fingers.

 The finished "finger painting" project....which in a long story made short. This took 4 attempts because the foam board kept bending when the paint dried or the paper would peel off. So the final one was markers scribbled all over which Malea enjoyed much more. Sadly I forgot that spray paint eats away foam, so it is an interesting project, but after so many tries I was determined it was going to be on the wall even if it didn't look great. The bottom line was that the girls had fun helping - they probably had more fun than me - and that despite someone else doing it online and following them step by step...some things just don't work!

 Never good to turn the corner to see this....

 Followed by this!

 We did the letter I for preschool, so we went ice bowling. We froze water in a balloon then cut the balloon away and had a nice ice ball.

 Both girls played with them for a long time after preschool ended.

 A cutie all ready for a ride.

And here we go!

Hope you enjoyed the update if you made it through it all!