November 9, 2011

Cloud Dough

Today was one of those days where Kaidrei needed a distraction to forget what a miserable thing it is to be a little kid. So while Malea was napping we made cloud dough. I'd seen the idea online and decided today was the time to pull it out of the rainy day file. Cloud dough is a lot like wet sand in that you can squish together to build/shape things - like a sand castle, but it is a lot softer. To make it we (by which I mean Kaidrei did it while I looked on because she wasn't going to relinquish the spoon) mixed 4 cups of flour with 1/2 cup of baby oil. It smelled great and really had a cool texture. I'll admit that I played in it and enjoyed it just as much as she did.

Diving Right In

It falls in cool patterns on the floor!

We built a tower which was about to be knocked down.

Kaidrei made a ball - one of her favorite toys.

Squishing the ball is fun too.

I asked Kaidrei if she was having fun, she nodded and gave this smile.

I wanted to get a better picture of her smile so I asked if she could show me a happy face and this is what I got!

Kaidrei wanted to try eating some. I told her not to eat it because it would hurt her tummy. Then I went to wash my hands, when I came back she had pulled up her shirt and was testing out the theory to prove to me that it wouldn't hurt her tummy! I guess in that way she was right - but she never did eat any.

We added in some spoons and measuring cups to the fun. I was really wishing I had some sand toys - maybe next summer I'll have to find some. She had a spoon packed with the cloud dough and couldn't get it out. She started shaking it and was quite surprised when her head ended up covered when it came loose.
It was a fun experiment and the 45 minutes of entertainment was worth the two minutes it took to sweep the floor (and table and chairs and child) after the fun was over.

We are definitely going to do it again.

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