November 9, 2011

Popcorn Palooza

Today for a snack Kaidrei wanted popcorn. We have an air popper and Kaidrei loves to pour the kernels in and watch them bounce around. To make life "easier", I put the popper on the floor by the table with a bowl to catch the popped corn. Malea was watching from the living room as Kaidrei and I were getting set up. She was very unsettled at being left out, so I helped her stand up and as soon as she had her feet under her she was walking over to Kaidrei. As soon as she was by Kaidrei, Malea sat herself down and was perfectly content. 

So Kaidrei poured the kernels into the measuring cup and dumped them into the popper. I plugged it in and we all sat and watched the popcorn pop. Malea was intrigued by the noise and kept trying to reach it so I scooted her back a little bit, then turned to check on what Kaidrei was up to. Then I hear a clattering of plastic and popcorn is exploding everywhere as Malea has scooted herself back in range and has knocked the top off the popcorn popper! We were all in awe for the few seconds it took me to register what was happening and unplug the popper.

I just sat there and laughed as both girls started picking popcorn up and shoveling it in their mouths. The looks of surprise on their faces was worth the second sweeping of the floor today - I only wish I had a picture of it.

It's the little moments like this that I hope I can remember forever.

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