September 4, 2011

Phone Pictures

I needed to clean off the pictures from my phone and so here is a very random compilation of pictures from the past 6 months or so.

Malea asleep on Hannah's lap - both girls just love Hannah!

Curled up on the down comforter after a sleepless night on the couch with Mom since Kaidrei was sick.

We went to the park to swing. As we walked by the pond at the park I realized we had a piece of bread for Malea to snack on. She hadn't wanted it so I decided to let Kaidrei feed the ducks.

Throwing the bread pieces to the ducks.

We were playing in the water one day and Kaidrei didn't want to get in her swimsuit. She instead got her bear ready too - (he is even wearing a swim diaper!).

Malea getting a drink from my water bottle.

Playing in the sand and water with the neighbors.

Malea loved the little pool until older kids dumped water over her head.

Such a cutie!

Playing at Discovery Park inside a beehive.

I just love the expression on Kaidrei's face as she is talking to the other girl.

I was working out one morning and Kaidrei joined me in doing the squats and jumps.

Malea got Kaidrei's sippy cup!

Malea's first ponytail!

Hiding in the bean bags

Playing with the shopping cart...though she needs help to keep it from rolling away from her!

Hello anyone there? Even soap can be a phone!

A new bib from Xavier! - Thanks!

"I want to jump too"

Going on a shopping trip in the pantry


Swinging - I love the poofy pigtails.

Playing at the playground at Meridian

Watering the lawn...and everything(one) else

Kaidrei pushing Malea for a walk.

Cuddling her monkey.

Photoshoot fun with Aunt Julie

Two sweet girls - they've both grown so much since this picture.


Wearing Daddy's hat

Kaidrei loves taking good care of her dollies

Whew...lots of randomness!

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