September 20, 2011

Blogging Funk

I am suffering of a serious case of blogging funk. I have a huge amount of pictures and stories to post but I just haven't done it.

Maybe its that we've been sick more often than not for the last few months. Kaidrei throws up at least once a week it seems. We've had pink eye, a stomach bug, and currently Brian has an ear infection (while he is across the country on a business trip).

Maybe it is that nap time rarely is at the same time for both girls and if it is I try to join them or think fondly of it as I do dishes, laundry, or other such cleaning (in hopes of ridding the house of the germs).

Maybe it is that most days in the past few weeks my computer hasn't even been touched.

Maybe it is just because I should go to bed... Yeah I think I'm going to stop complaining because really my life is wonderful and get some sleep before these two cuties wake up!


Kaidrei asked to hold Malea

Malea was loving Kaidrei's hugs (there was lots of laughing)

Tackling (more laughing)

Big Sister wins....though Little Sister was still laughing like crazy.

I'm so grateful that most of the time they play together so well.


  1. I seriously am in LOVE with your girl's hair. Those curls are just the best thing EVER!!!

  2. Cute girls! The blogging funk must be in the air because I've been in one too! I finally found some time and energy last night to start updating it. :)