September 20, 2011

Blogging Funk

I am suffering of a serious case of blogging funk. I have a huge amount of pictures and stories to post but I just haven't done it.

Maybe its that we've been sick more often than not for the last few months. Kaidrei throws up at least once a week it seems. We've had pink eye, a stomach bug, and currently Brian has an ear infection (while he is across the country on a business trip).

Maybe it is that nap time rarely is at the same time for both girls and if it is I try to join them or think fondly of it as I do dishes, laundry, or other such cleaning (in hopes of ridding the house of the germs).

Maybe it is that most days in the past few weeks my computer hasn't even been touched.

Maybe it is just because I should go to bed... Yeah I think I'm going to stop complaining because really my life is wonderful and get some sleep before these two cuties wake up!


Kaidrei asked to hold Malea

Malea was loving Kaidrei's hugs (there was lots of laughing)

Tackling (more laughing)

Big Sister wins....though Little Sister was still laughing like crazy.

I'm so grateful that most of the time they play together so well.

September 17, 2011

Gumball Fun

Kaidrei (25 months) and Malea (8 months) playing together with the gumball toy...essentially a small glimpse into our everyday ;)

September 12, 2011

Attitude and Excitement

There are so many things that I want to remember about this time of our lives, most especially the silly little things our girls do right now. I need to sit down and do a post just dedicated to the little stories, but for now I have to share few from tonight.

Kaidrei has been wanting to watch signing time videos we have checked out from the library. The most recent one she wanted to watch goes through a bunch of signs for basic foods...bread, banana, apple, cookie, ice cream, cheese, crackers, and a few more. While looking at her princess look and find book she found an apple in the picture and then turned to me and did the sign for apple after pointing to it in the picture. Tonight I got Kaidrei out of the bathtub and she ran to give Brian a big hug (while sopping wet still) as I got Malea out of the tub. She ran over to Brian and started signing and Brian (not having watched the video yet) started telling me to come tell him what she wanted because he wasn't understanding the sign. She was still signing "cookie" furiously when I got in the living room! When I asked if she wanted to make cookies, she got so excited. We had a hard time getting her dressed because she kept bouncing and jumping around because we were going to make cookies. How can we not when she asks for the first time? The funny thing is that she ate the cookie dough at every stage of the making - every time I'd go to the cupboard or fridge to get an ingredient she had her finger in the bowl sampling!

She is now saying ball while signing ball after watching one of these videos yesterday.

Today we were in the basement and she wanted me to come "eat" at the little tables with her on her play dishes. I was on the other side of the basement sitting on the floor with Malea and I didn't want to get up. She asked by pointing and putting her hand out a couple times. When that didn't work she pointed for me to go with her then signed please. That is the first time she has used please in the correct context without being asked to by an adult. To say the least, we went and had a nice "snack" that she had cooked. ;)

Right before bedtime we were all playing downstairs, Brian and I had come upstairs and she was following us. Kaidrei was maybe three steps up the stairs when Brian got her blanky in preparation for bedtime. As soon as she saw it she turned around, scurried down the stairs and ran around the corner! When Brian got her upstairs she decided that if she was laying down on the couch she could avoid bedtime. Every time I mentioned bed or came close to her she ran to lay on a pillow by Daddy. This afternoon I made her two pillow cases for a little toddler sized pillow I'd made for her. I asked her which pillow she wanted to sleep on while holding both pillows up and she pointed to the one out on the couch! I made the question more specific the next time I asked!

She is a very smart girl and we love her so very much!

September 9, 2011


I just love how this picture turned out while we were playing at the park today! She is such a happy girl and I love her so much!

September 7, 2011

Favorite Book

Several months ago I happened across this book in the grocery store of all places.

It is similar to the Where's Waldo books, but on a simplified level. I thought it would be fun for Kaidrei and would help her with her language. Now I wish I had got the other one like it. It has become her favorite book. I stuck it in the diaper bag on the way out the door at church and it was a lifesaver. She sat on Brian's lap and searched for the hidden items for a good portion of sacrament meeting.

Yesterday afternoon, she went off into her room and was rather quiet. When I went to check on her she was laying on her bed looking at this book.

Then at bedtime, I started reading Corduroy. She shut the book on me and pull this book out. So she and Daddy read this book for her bedtime story! I love watching her as she searches the pages to find what is hidden, especially when she puts her finger on her lips as she thinks! We are definitely going to have to get some more at some point. I actually searched online and found there are 5 or 6 more books in this series including a Toy Story one!

September 5, 2011

bedtime excitement

Bedtime at our house starts with a bath, then chasing a naked girl around the house and wrestling her into pajamas. Then we try to play in their room and read stories to calm down from the wrestling fiascos. On this particular night (probably 2 months ago...yikes I'm still behind!) Kaidrei decided to play with her princess tent and being the good big sister she is, she couldn't play without Malea.

Then she was off to cook something,

but was nice enough to give Malea a toy to play with before leaving her.

(yes in case you are wondering this is from several months ago!)

September 4, 2011

Phone Pictures

I needed to clean off the pictures from my phone and so here is a very random compilation of pictures from the past 6 months or so.

Malea asleep on Hannah's lap - both girls just love Hannah!

Curled up on the down comforter after a sleepless night on the couch with Mom since Kaidrei was sick.

We went to the park to swing. As we walked by the pond at the park I realized we had a piece of bread for Malea to snack on. She hadn't wanted it so I decided to let Kaidrei feed the ducks.

Throwing the bread pieces to the ducks.

We were playing in the water one day and Kaidrei didn't want to get in her swimsuit. She instead got her bear ready too - (he is even wearing a swim diaper!).

Malea getting a drink from my water bottle.

Playing in the sand and water with the neighbors.

Malea loved the little pool until older kids dumped water over her head.

Such a cutie!

Playing at Discovery Park inside a beehive.

I just love the expression on Kaidrei's face as she is talking to the other girl.

I was working out one morning and Kaidrei joined me in doing the squats and jumps.

Malea got Kaidrei's sippy cup!

Malea's first ponytail!

Hiding in the bean bags

Playing with the shopping cart...though she needs help to keep it from rolling away from her!

Hello anyone there? Even soap can be a phone!

A new bib from Xavier! - Thanks!

"I want to jump too"

Going on a shopping trip in the pantry


Swinging - I love the poofy pigtails.

Playing at the playground at Meridian

Watering the lawn...and everything(one) else

Kaidrei pushing Malea for a walk.

Cuddling her monkey.

Photoshoot fun with Aunt Julie

Two sweet girls - they've both grown so much since this picture.


Wearing Daddy's hat

Kaidrei loves taking good care of her dollies

Whew...lots of randomness!