August 21, 2011


Brian and I have a love hate relationship with the swing set that Kaidrei was given for her birthday! The girls love it, but it was extremely frustrating to put together. The instructions didn't include minor details like all the legs for the swing set frame are not the same and they must be in a certain order to attach the teeter totter. Yes at this point we had to move the legs on the swing set around! After 5 hours of working on it, Kaidrei wanted absolutely nothing to do with it! Talk about adding to the frustration.

Kaidrei eventually warmed up to the teeter totter and would take her stuffed bear out, put him on one side and gets on the other side to go up and down until he falls off. She will also push the bear down the slide and occasionally go down on her own.

The next week I happened to be in the right place at the right time and found two baby swings at DI for $4! I was thrilled. We put them up that day and have had to pry Kaidrei out of them pretty much every time she swings. Malea loves it too. As of late she has been sitting up away from the back of the seat and holding on to the ropes. We love having a place where the girls can swing since they both love it and not many local (aka none within walking distance) have swings.


  1. Love Malea's little coo's!! They seem to enjoy it a lot. Sorry it was such a bear to put together.

  2. Oh my goodness-I could listen to that coo all day long! Your kids are SO cute!