August 12, 2011

Kaidrei's First Cut

For the last several weeks (okay maybe its been months) I've been saying that we need to get Kaidrei's hair cut because it is always in her eyes (as you can see in about 90% of the pictures posted previously). Brian and I finally decided last week that we would take her to Cookie Cutters in Lehi this week. It is a shop that specializes in children's haircuts and has cute little seats and shows for them to watch. I did some research online and was about to make an appointment when the girls got sick. Kaidrei has been feeling better the last couple days, but Malea is still sick so we can't go anywhere. This morning I decided to try cutting her hair myself since all I wanted to do was to cut some bangs so she could see and it didn't seem worth paying $14 for someone else to do it...especially since she freaks out with strangers.

So I took the plunge...
Here is the before with her bedhead...
Booster seat...check
Otter Pop...check
Word World (tv show)...check

The New Do

I love how she is twisting her hair....she always does this when she has her cup of milk.

Kaidrei really surprised me today. She sat perfectly still and didn't complain at all (She may have been better at this than Brian...cough cough) when I took the scissors to her hair - even when she could see what was going on. Though I did have to laugh when she said "ow" a couple times as I was trimming it up.

I think that doing it myself was a lot better experience that taking her someplace and doing it.


  1. I love it!! I can't believe how grown up Kaidrei looks. Wow.

  2. She reminds me of Gossamer in that first picture :)