August 30, 2011

Bouncy Bear

Brian has a teddy bear that he has had since he was little named Bouncy. Bouncy has been very loved and is definitely a treasure. On Saturday evening, Kaidrei was bouncy on the bed and Malea was being fussy so Brian set Bouncy Bear in front of Malea to distract her from the fact that I wasn't holding her ;). Kaidrei saw Bouncy and took to him. Bouncy was jumped with, fed oatmeal, wrapped up and cuddled, danced with, and given lots of loves! Here is a video of some of the love... (more pictures will come soon -- but I've been pestered to get this up...hehe)

August 21, 2011


Brian and I have a love hate relationship with the swing set that Kaidrei was given for her birthday! The girls love it, but it was extremely frustrating to put together. The instructions didn't include minor details like all the legs for the swing set frame are not the same and they must be in a certain order to attach the teeter totter. Yes at this point we had to move the legs on the swing set around! After 5 hours of working on it, Kaidrei wanted absolutely nothing to do with it! Talk about adding to the frustration.

Kaidrei eventually warmed up to the teeter totter and would take her stuffed bear out, put him on one side and gets on the other side to go up and down until he falls off. She will also push the bear down the slide and occasionally go down on her own.

The next week I happened to be in the right place at the right time and found two baby swings at DI for $4! I was thrilled. We put them up that day and have had to pry Kaidrei out of them pretty much every time she swings. Malea loves it too. As of late she has been sitting up away from the back of the seat and holding on to the ropes. We love having a place where the girls can swing since they both love it and not many local (aka none within walking distance) have swings.


June 16, 2011
(yep I'm still catching up. Though I'm beginning to realize it is a perpetual thing and I will probably never be caught up.)

Our sweet Malea perfected the art of begging this night.

She was lying on the bed waiting for me to feed her.

When she saw that Daddy was eating chocolate pudding...licking her lips in anticipation...

She knew what was on the spoon and made sure to guide Daddy's hand to bring it straight to her.

Yummy, Chocolaty Goodness.
One sparkling spoon. She got ever last bit before she let Daddy have the spoon back.

At which point she resumed the begging position.

Good thing for her Daddy's a softy and will share chocolate with his cute girl.

August 16, 2011

Pure Concentration

I was cutting something the other day and Kaidrei was very intrigued by what I was doing. I decided to see how she would do with using scissors (I may regret it if she ever tries to cut her hair on her own). She loved it though and concentrated so hard on doing it.

August 12, 2011

Kaidrei's First Cut

For the last several weeks (okay maybe its been months) I've been saying that we need to get Kaidrei's hair cut because it is always in her eyes (as you can see in about 90% of the pictures posted previously). Brian and I finally decided last week that we would take her to Cookie Cutters in Lehi this week. It is a shop that specializes in children's haircuts and has cute little seats and shows for them to watch. I did some research online and was about to make an appointment when the girls got sick. Kaidrei has been feeling better the last couple days, but Malea is still sick so we can't go anywhere. This morning I decided to try cutting her hair myself since all I wanted to do was to cut some bangs so she could see and it didn't seem worth paying $14 for someone else to do it...especially since she freaks out with strangers.

So I took the plunge...
Here is the before with her bedhead...
Booster seat...check
Otter Pop...check
Word World (tv show)...check

The New Do

I love how she is twisting her hair....she always does this when she has her cup of milk.

Kaidrei really surprised me today. She sat perfectly still and didn't complain at all (She may have been better at this than Brian...cough cough) when I took the scissors to her hair - even when she could see what was going on. Though I did have to laugh when she said "ow" a couple times as I was trimming it up.

I think that doing it myself was a lot better experience that taking her someplace and doing it.

August 11, 2011


A few weeks ago when we got flooded, the boxes of baby clothes we have got wet. In the process of washing them and resorting them Kaidrei found this tiger costume. She didn't seem to mind that it was too small for her.

Seeing herself for the first time.

Is that really me?

What do tigers say? ROAR!?!?

August 8, 2011


Several times this summer we have met Brian after work at a park for a picnic dinner.

It has been a fun way to get out as a family that is free.

Kaidrei loves going down the slide but only with Mom or Dad.

She is getting braver about climbing up ladders too!

August 7, 2011

Birthday Girl

My little girl is 2 years old! How can that be?!

7/29/2009 - This sweet one changed our lives forever!

1 year old

2 years old

I'm hoping to take her out and do a photo shoot with her at some point and get some nicer pictures, but for now here she is enjoying the carrot cake she chose.

A week early she was able to open her present from Grandma and Grandpa Yancey in Idaho. She got a potty training doll and she was so excited unwrapping it. She has toted the doll around ever since. I'm glad she was able to unwrap it with them.

On her birthday, I wasn't feeling well. I was battling (still am) a head cold. So we did things simply. We went to Walmart to pick up her present (a swingset) from Grandma and Grandpa Nyman and while we were there we let her pick out a piece of cake from the bakery.

We had hot dogs, fries, and watermelon for dinner and then celebrated with cake. Thanks to the modern inventions we were able to Skype with Grandma and Grandpa Nyman in Alabama so they were able to be involved.

I think her favorite part of her birthday was blowing out the candles. After blowing them out she would sign more to do it again. We figured it was cheap and fun it was her birthday!

Here are a couple videos from the day.

Some things about Kaidrei.

She loves swinging.

She says about 10 words but the three we here everyday are uh-oh, no, and mom(which is used in place of mom, dad, and more).

She says 1,2,3 before jumping.

She wears size 7 shoes.

She loves playing with Aidan (our neighbor who is 3) and they actually interact when they play, not just playing by themselves side by side. Most of the time they are together there is lots of giggling!

She is very helpful and loves to help Mom in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes.

She loves being outside.

She is Daddy's girl - she will bypass mom if dad is around without a doubt!

She loves going to nursery or anywhere that there are other kids to play with.

She is very sensitive - when she gets in trouble or hurts Malea she often begins to sob.

She loves her little sister and tries to get her to walk with her so they can go off and play together. She will often try to hold her on her lap and is always giving Malea hugs and kisses.

She weighs 27.8 pounds (65 percentile), is 34.75 inches tall (74 percentile) and her head is 50 cm (96 percentile).

She is a bundle of energy that keeps everyday interesting and I can't imagine life without her.

We love you Kaidrei!

Chayla's Party

This little cutie turned one! At the beginning of June (forever ago I know) we went to her party to celebrate with her.
Aeris (2.5 mos) and Malea (5 mos) hanging out together admist the action.

Kaidrei trying to play the guitar with everyone who was playing Rock Band.

She decided singing was fun too. Maybe we have a little superstar on our hands.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar cake.

Chayla enjoyed her cake a lot!

Then we went swimming. Kaidrei loved the pool.

It was a fun time!

August 6, 2011

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

On July 12, Malea surprised me. I was doing an exercise video while she was sitting by the couch playing with toys.

I knew she had gotten herself laying on her tummy and was rolling around, but before long she managed to get all the way across the living room to the TV!

Kaidrei did help her roll over once or twice but most of it was all on her own!

August 5, 2011

brownie batter

Earlier in the summer I made chocolate cupcakes for teaching a cake decorating class. I had Kaidrei helping me. In an attempt to keep her fingers out of the mixing bowl of batter I gave her the beater.
Wiping her cheek off - she really doesn't like to be dirty.

She loved it!

The side effect is that she now knows what the end result is from a cake mix box and she will bring us the boxes and sign more please. Now all cake mixes are stored out of her sight!

August 4, 2011

Filling Big Shoes

Kaidrei has taken to walking around or trying at least in Mom and Dad's shoes.

On this occasion she wore the shoes for a while, but then decided that if she put them on my feet we might go outside!

August 1, 2011


One day Kaidrei discovered she could open the corner cupboard where all of the mixing bowls are stored. It is held shut with a strong magnet so we never put a child lock on it. She decided she liked the sound the metal bowls make and proceeded to make herself a drum set. Since Mommy had a migraine we compromised and traded the metal spoons for the plastic ones. It was one of those moments where having her entertained for 20 plus minutes was worth the racket...especially since Brian was coming home shortly!

Must have all different sizes of drums since they make different sounds.

Singing "screaming" along

Blurry hands from pounding so fast!


Show the drum some love!