July 9, 2011

Farm Country

Kids on the Move is an awesome program for early intervention in Utah County. Our doctor recommended that we get services from them when Kaidrei wasn't talking at her 18 month check up. We now have a specialist come to our home to work with Kaidrei with language amongst any other concerns we have from eating, sleeping, and tantrums. They have a library in Orem where we can check out books and toys (Kaidrei's favorite). They also have classes for parents on various topics. I've taken one on language development and am currently taking another one about floortime, a play-based therapy. It has been a great for me to have a "professional" to brainstorm about Kaidrei with and Kaidrei has been improving as well.

They've had a summer outings program that we've gone to throughout the summer. In June we went to the aquarium and a pool party. This month so far we got to go to the Animal Farm at Thanksgiving Point.

We found that Kaidrei weighs about the same as 5 chickens (give or take since she never really stood still on the scale).

She thought the cow bench was pretty neat.

She was all excited to see the animals and ran up to the fence to get a better view, until the baby goat came to meet her and then she hightailed it away. This was the closest she got to any of the animals. I tried to show her how it was nice by putting my finger out to pet it through the fence. The goat started to suck on my finger and that scared Kaidrei even more. She walked by the stroller most of the day, but had to hold my hand or walk on the side farthest from the animals. Whenever I asked if she wanted to see/pet _______ (insert any farm animal), the answer was a resounding "doh" aka no!

She was able to have a pony ride and she seemed to enjoy it once it got moving and as long as she could hold onto my hand.

When I stepped away to take the picture she was not too happy with me. No amount of talking from me could coax a smile.

Then we went on a wagon ride. Both girls enjoyed it, but this picture was taken as everyone was getting off and Kaidrei was trying to leave too.

After the wagon ride we stopped by the jail.

It was a little kid sized play village.

Let Me Out!

Meanwhile, we tried to find shady spots for Malea while Kaidrei running around the village.

After the jail, she visited the dance hall. A perfect place for Kaidrei.

She even met a little friend and they danced around having a wonderful time.

Taking a break - I love how easily little kids make friends, I wish it was always that easy.

It was a fun day on the farm!


    I know the comment to "let me out" was for Kaidrei and the jail, but it could have been for the picture of Malea right under it. The pout looked like she was saying "Kaidrei has all the fun" I just get to sit here!

  2. So true. Malea definitely wants to be a part of the action!