July 18, 2011


A while back (probably 2 months or so - I can't remember when) I got together with the wonderful lower school teachers that I taught with at Meridian. It was so fun to see them again. Pam (1st), Annette (2nd), Keri (4th), Tawnia (science), and Eileen (6th). We had lunch at Cafe Zupa's and visited. Seeing these amazing ladies again made me realize how much I miss working ... mostly because of great coworkers.

I was a little leary of taking the girls to the restaurant but they both did great especially considering the fact that we were there over an hour.
Tawnia came with me to Meridian to let Kaidrei play in the playground while I fed Malea since the school was only a block away from the restaurant.

Thanks for taking such cute pictures, Tawnia...

and yes I stole them from your facebook page! :)

...and now I'll know if you actually read this...hehe

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  1. You are welcome to steal the photos I take of you and your kids any time! =) And yes, I occasionally read your blog!