July 19, 2011

Birthday Cakes

Back in April we had a service auction for a Relief Society Activity. It was such a fun evening though there were definitely some things being auctioned off that caused some tension. Who knew that having dinner brought to you could cause such a (good natured) stir between friends? I held out and used all of my auction points and won a family photo session with a professional photographer in our ward. I'm so excited for our pictures this fall!

I donated the service of decorating a birthday cake and a few weeks ago was asked to make a birthday cake for a boy turning 5 who likes super heroes and bikes and a girl turning twelve who likes lime green, polka dots and stripes, and make up or cell phones. I couldn't find an easy way to mesh the two so I decided to make two separate cakes and I think they turned out pretty good despite some stress that comes from decorating with two kids under two around.

I experimented and made homemade sprinkles so the colors would match the rest of the cake.

Despite the issues that came during the process it was really fun to make them and I think they turned out alright.

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