June 28, 2011

Nap Mat

A couple weeks ago we went to St. George to visit Julia, Travis, Katie, and Spencer. It was fun, but exhausting. Neither of the girls slept well, which meant we didn't sleep well either. Our 4 hour drive took 7 and ended with Brian swearing off road trips with 2 kids under 2! I didn't bring up the fact that we have another 4 hour drive to go to a family reunion in July, but hopefully that drive will go better.

In hopes of getting Kaidrei to sleep better I made her a nap mat. It has been on my sewing to do list for quite a while, but this was the motivation I needed to get it done. I used a tutorial I found online here with a few modifications. I started it friday night at 10 pm with the thought that I'd just get started by cutting the fabric and then one thing led to another and 3 hours later I was done. I was exhausted but I felt awesome for doing it in 3 hours including figuring out the pattern and making my own bias tape for the edge around the blanket for the first time.

A fluffy built in pillow and an attached blanket so it doesn't get dragged off (Kaidrei has already tried to take it a few times before giving in to the fact that it is not going anywhere!)

It rolls up into a nice bundle with the straps that are attached.

Kaidrei loves carrying it around.

And love cuddling in it even more.

Even Malea was enjoying it. I have enough of the flowery fabric to make another one, but I'll have to find more fleece and make Malea one too.

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  1. That turned out so cute! Good job. Maybe I need to make one for Rusty.