June 28, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Kaidrei is such a Daddy's Girl! Everyday when Brian gets home from work, she gets super excited and runs to meet him at the door. Usually she wants to be picked up before he even makes it in the door and assumes the following position...

She will wrap her arms around him and pat his back while snuggling in on his shoulder.

Her other favorite thing to do with Daddy is to read stories.

I have no doubt that if Kaidrei had to choose between Mommy and Daddy that Daddy would be her choice and I'm honestly okay with that. I love seeing their relationship and how obvious it is that they love each other.

In fact the last time we left the girls at my sister Carrie's while we went out. Kaidrei saw us coming to the door and got all excited. When we went in I bent over to give her a hug and she ran right around me so she could get to Daddy! She gave Daddy a hug and then was off to play with Lexi again!

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