June 30, 2011

Beautiful Eyes

I love these sweet eyes!

June 29, 2011


Another picture from May (I don't know how it got to be the end of June before these were posted but hmm...)

Kaidrei wanted to go outside and decided that Malea needed shoes on to come with us. So she took care of it and put shoes on Malea by herself!


These pictures are from May 12, 2011. Malea was 4 months old and just learning to sit up (with the help of the couch corner).

While snapping a picture of Malea, Kaidrei found one of her toys and climbed up next to her to show Malea.

Do you see it?


See Ya Later.

I just love how Malea is totally trained on Kaidrei and what she is doing...maybe that is why she is growing up so quickly!

Dance Moves

Way back in May we were visiting Char and Chayla and Kaidrei had a great time playing with their keyboard.

Especially when she got the demo music going that had a great dancing beat!
(These pictures were taken simultaneously...notice the great dance moves!)



Sing Along




June 28, 2011

Nap Mat

A couple weeks ago we went to St. George to visit Julia, Travis, Katie, and Spencer. It was fun, but exhausting. Neither of the girls slept well, which meant we didn't sleep well either. Our 4 hour drive took 7 and ended with Brian swearing off road trips with 2 kids under 2! I didn't bring up the fact that we have another 4 hour drive to go to a family reunion in July, but hopefully that drive will go better.

In hopes of getting Kaidrei to sleep better I made her a nap mat. It has been on my sewing to do list for quite a while, but this was the motivation I needed to get it done. I used a tutorial I found online here with a few modifications. I started it friday night at 10 pm with the thought that I'd just get started by cutting the fabric and then one thing led to another and 3 hours later I was done. I was exhausted but I felt awesome for doing it in 3 hours including figuring out the pattern and making my own bias tape for the edge around the blanket for the first time.

A fluffy built in pillow and an attached blanket so it doesn't get dragged off (Kaidrei has already tried to take it a few times before giving in to the fact that it is not going anywhere!)

It rolls up into a nice bundle with the straps that are attached.

Kaidrei loves carrying it around.

And love cuddling in it even more.

Even Malea was enjoying it. I have enough of the flowery fabric to make another one, but I'll have to find more fleece and make Malea one too.

Holding Sister

Kaidrei loves to carry her dolls around cradled in her arms. Lately she will pat the crook of her arm when she wants us to hold a doll like she does. It has since expanded to her patting her arm when she wants to hold Malea. On Sunday we were talking with Grandma and Grandpa Nyman when Kaidrei decided she wanted to hold Malea. She climbed up on the couch next to me and put her arms out. She was so excited to hold her even though she needs help from me. She took to tickling Malea, which made her giggle and squeal with delight. I love seeing these girls interact.

Today Kaidrei tried holding her again and eventually Malea ended up sitting upright on Kaidrei's lap with both girls facing me. Kaidrei reached around hugged Malea and sat there smiling with such a proud grin. The only problem came when Malea decided she was done and Kaidrei still wanted to hold her!

Daddy's Girl

Kaidrei is such a Daddy's Girl! Everyday when Brian gets home from work, she gets super excited and runs to meet him at the door. Usually she wants to be picked up before he even makes it in the door and assumes the following position...

She will wrap her arms around him and pat his back while snuggling in on his shoulder.

Her other favorite thing to do with Daddy is to read stories.

I have no doubt that if Kaidrei had to choose between Mommy and Daddy that Daddy would be her choice and I'm honestly okay with that. I love seeing their relationship and how obvious it is that they love each other.

In fact the last time we left the girls at my sister Carrie's while we went out. Kaidrei saw us coming to the door and got all excited. When we went in I bent over to give her a hug and she ran right around me so she could get to Daddy! She gave Daddy a hug and then was off to play with Lexi again!

June 20, 2011

6 Months Old

I can hardly believe it but our sweet little Malea is 6 months old today! There are days that seem to drag on and Brian coming home from work seems to be forever away, but it seems like suddenly a half a year has passed! Malea's well check appointment in on Thursday so I'll do the stat update later, but I couldn't wait to put up a couple sweet shots of my growing baby from her half birthday!

June 17, 2011


My sister was kind enough to take some pictures of my girls in their white dresses from Malea's blessing day. If you want to see the pictures check out Julie's site HERE. Thanks again Julie!

June 8, 2011


We went to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy last Wednesday with Kids on the Move (an early intervention group that is helping Kaidrei with speech therapy). I cleared off my camera so I'd be able to take pictures only to find out when I tried to take the first picture at the aquarium that my battery was dead. I guess it is time to invest in a second battery so I have a spare.

Kaidrei's favorite part was the sting ray petting exhibit. She actually ran off twice to go back after we had left. The second time I was surprised she was able to find it because we had left that part of the aquarium and she ran back in a different way than we had ever gone.

Trying to pet a stingray. Her arms were actually too short to reach them, but one came up on the side and got her arm when she wasn't looking. She thought it was pretty funny.

June 7, 2011

Advantages of being younger

Malea has discovered she some of the advantages that come with being a younger sister! Today I took the girls on a bike ride. We were all hot when we got back so I got Kaidrei and I a otter pop and we were going to sit on the porch swing in the shade. I had Malea on my lap holding her and my Popsicle on my left side. I turned to help Kaidrei up onto the swing on my right side and I felt Malea squirming like crazy. After I got Kaidrei up on the swing I turned back to see Malea contentedly eat my Popsicle!

I took it away and I don't think I've ever seen such an extreme reaction of pure outrage from this little one before. So I relented, we shared the Popsicle, and this little girl enjoy the pleasures of a summer Popsicle on a hot day a lot earlier than I'd planned on!

June 3, 2011


A random splattering of pictures of Kaidrei over the past month or so ...

This is when Kaidrei had the high fever that lasted for a week. I think we all agree that we are so happy she isn't sick anymore!

Eating strawberries is more fun while laying on top of the table.

So intent

Kaidrei refused to let me do her hair for church. It was a half an hour of her hiding in Daddy's lap and any time I came near the wailing would begin again, so I gave up and she spent all day brushing her hair out of her eyes!

June 2, 2011

Little Monkeys

My little monkeys all ready for bed!

My Hero

Brian is truly my hero! For lots of reasons but most recently because he chased this bird from my car in the garage. I haven't really liked birds since one pooped on my hair as a kid. I tried scaring the bird away with noises and even when I started to close the garage door it didn't move at all. Brian brought the broom out and after a small battle it finally left our garage! Thanks again honey!

Cute Story

Today malea was sitting on my lap as I was burping her and Kaidrei was playing with her. Malea spit up and I realized I didn't have burp clothe anywhere nearby and before I knew it Kaidrei had run over to the diaper bag, got a burp clothe out, and brought it back and tried to wipe malea's mouth. She is becoming quite the helper!

June 1, 2011


Malea loves jumping in her jumperoo...

and Kaidrei loves playing with Malea while she is jumping!

She is even really good at sharing with Malea....notice the sippy cup in Malea's arms.