May 25, 2011

What do you do with a drunken toddler?

First off I must say she is not drunk! Today Kaidrei had a sedated ABR hearing test at Primary Children's in Riverton. It was a rough day for everyone involved but most especially Kaidrei. Her appointment was at 9:30 this morning and she couldn't eat or have milk after 3:30 am, then she could have clear fluids until 7 then nothing. Last night woke her up at 11:30 and got her to drink a Carnation Instant Breakfast so she would hopefully not be horribly hungry. I'm sure it helped but she was pretty mad this morning when she got a popsiscle for breakfast and that was it. She wanted her milk and probably anything else. She did really good until we got in the car to go and then she screamed for 15 or so minutes because I wasn't getting her milk and I felt horrible because she was in her seat signing milk with her hands like crazy.

We got to the hospital and checked in and she was in heaven. There were fun things to do and new toys to play with. We were actually there a half hour early because I figured it would be easier to distract her from being hungry there than at home where the kitchen was close by.

Her Grumpy Face

A huge lava lamp with fishes in it that Kaidrei thought was awesome.

There was a craft set up to make butterflies using pipe cleaners and coffee filters. She did really good at coloring the coffee filter and made it very bright.

She had just seen the nurse in this picture and was very unsure about her. When I got her out of the car she leaned away from me and shook her head and made it very known she wasn't game for anything that was going to happen.

This is the point in the story where Kaidrei stopped cooperating at all. She didn't want to get weighed, she didn't want to stand so we could see how tall she was, she didn't want to get her heart rate or blood pressure measured, and most especially she wanted absolutely nothing to do with anyone wearing scrubs! We were in an exam room about 40 minutes before she was sedated and all but maybe 5 of those were filled with her screams. She tolerated and sort of warmed up to the nurse who blew bubbles and brought out toys to play with, but that was it.

When it came time to give Kaidrei an IV to give her the sedative, I sat in a chair in the middle of the room with her on my lap facing me with her arm pinned under mine. Even with me holding her with all my strength it took 4 other nurses to get the IV in! I've never seen such kicking and screaming in all my life. The sedative kicked in quickly and within a minute of her getting the IV she was asleep. I think this was the most unnerving thing to me. To see and feel her suddenly go limp totally unsettled me.

The IV

Sound asleep.

I have to say that after an hour and half of listening to the heartbeat monitor beeping and watching Kaidrei lay there so still, I am so glad that I knew she would wake up. I can't imagine being in a hospital with a child and not knowing the outcome. My heart goes out to anyone who has had to go through that.

During the test

Kaidrei actually woke up in the middle of the test and had to be given more sedative. Then as the test was she woke up again. They wanted her to sleep for two hours since I guess if the kiddos sleep less than that they are very irritable when they wake up. The second time she woke up it had only been an hour and a half. Luckily I was able to rock her to sleep that time since she was done with the procedure and we were on the way to the recovery room. While I was trying to rock her to sleep the audiologist came in to give me the sum up of the test. I'll get the full report in a week, but the basics are that she can hear the middle and high tones fully. If there is hearing loss at all it would be in the low tones, but this test didn't fully test that range. There is another test we can do to test for those tones, but at this point I'm not sure what we will do about that.

- Cool Random Fact -I found it very interesting when I was informed today that medications (in this case sedatives) wear off more quickly in people who have red hair because they have a higher metabolism and it wore off fairly quickly for her.

We got her woken up and let her have a drink and a little bit to eat without any problems so we were discharged. Then we had to go to Provo to pick up Malea from her aunt's house. *Thanks again Carrie for watching Malea. There would have been no way to handle them both today* Kaidrei did good on the drive and was eating little snacks and drinking some. When we got to Carrie's we went in and I realized why they told me she needed total adult supervision for the next 24 hours. Until I set her on the couch at Carrie's I had been holding her or she was strapped into the carseat and only then did I realize just how loopy she was. She had trouble keeping herself sitting upright. I think Malea could sit up just as well as Kaidrei at that point. Kaidrei really wanted to go play with Lexi and tried to get up and walk several times with no avail. She had a couple close calls between her head and the piano and floor, but came up smiling every time. She had no balance at all. She could stand up if she was holding on to something. She couldn't take more than a step or two without wobbling like she had been spun in a circle for 5 minutes and was dizzy. At one point she tried to crawl but just kept face planting into the carpet! It was a moment where you feel horrible but at the same time it is so funny to watch (I really wish I had a video of it). She was amazingly happy - I'm sure I'd be frustrated trying to do something that I KNOW I can do but not having my body cooperate.

At this point I began to realize that it was going to be extremely hard to keep her safe at home and take care of Malea. We stopped by to see Brian at work and he said that it was like she was drunk. She was pretty happy but totally out of it and had very little motor control. After seeing Brian, I decided that the best thing to do would be to take a walk around Provo since it has a lot going on for Kaidrei to watch (in hopes of keeping her awake so she'll sleep tonight), she'd be strapped in and safe, plus the weather was perfect.

We walked over to Smith's and she was falling asleep so I got her a snow cone from a little shack in the parking lot. I got her a grape one, but she decided pretty quickly that my strawberry one was better...and personally after trying her grape one I agree with her. She wouldn't let me have the strawberry one back even for one bite! We stopped at a grassy place and ate the snow cones then headed back to the car. At this point Brian was able to come home too, so it worked out great.

Kaidrei in all her snow coned glory. She slept the whole way home.

Tonight she was walking better, but she fell multiple times. After every fall she would hop up with a smile and laugh. We watched Toy Story 2, had dinner, and she was falling asleep so we put her to bed at 6:30. She is peacefully sleeping. Brian and I both hope she'll sleep soundly tonight, wake up happy, and have a fun day tomorrow. I think we are going to come up with something fun to do to make up for the miserable day it was today.

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