May 31, 2011

Summer Surprise

A few weeks ago we came home to this awesome surprise on the front porch:

It simply had a note on it that said "For Kaidrei Happy Summer" We still have no idea who it is from, but Kaidrei has loved it already. We brought it in and since it was actually warm I decided to set it up. As soon as it was done, Kaidrei climbed on in and started exploring it.

Malea started getting really upset about this time during the adventure and when I went to see why I found her eating the pole on her play mat and was mad as could be that she couldn't get it all in her mouth!

When Brian got home, we took it outside and filled it up with water.

Malea enjoyed the sunshine too.

Kaidrei had so much fun. It is so fun to see the looks of pure joy and discovery on her face. I wish I could capture every little look and hold on to them forever because she is growing up so fast!

We need more water!

One side of the table is for sand and we finally got some, but it has been cold ever since. Hopefully it will warm up and we can see what she thinks of the sand too.

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