May 13, 2011

Photo Shoot

While in Idaho, my sister Julie, took some pictures of the girls for me. These are the few I took while playing with my camera settings. The settings weren't quite right, but it was fun to experiment.

Kaidrei did okay for the first little bit, then decided she was done. I gave her a sippy cup of milk while I helped get Malea situated. In the midst of this I hear my niece, Brooke saying, "um, Kaidrei is dumping her milk on her dress." Well, we turn around to find it isn't just a drop or two, but she has chewed a hole in the nipple of her cup and is literally pouring the cup of milk on her dress!

I didn't get many of Malea since I was trying to keep Kaidrei out of trouble and keep Malea from slipping off the couch. I'm super excited to see Julie's pictures since I know they will turn out amazing!

After we got done/gave up, with the pictures outside Malea fell asleep and Julie wanted to test out some of her newborn props, so we did another session with Malea inside. It was a lot easier to be able to play with camera settings while she was asleep and still and Kaidrei was off playing with Brooke. It was so nice to be able to have Julie show me the basics. I feel a lot more confident now and have found myself preferring shots I've taken in Manual over the auto ones in some situations.

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