May 1, 2011

Just one more story...

We started a few months ago reading stories to Kaidrei right before bedtime. The last month or so things have been pretty crazy and just getting her in bed on time has been a challenge so we haven't been as good about it. The last week or so Brian and I had rededicated ourselves to make sure we read stories to her at bedtime.

Tonight I read her about 5 stories before kissing her goodnight and leaving the room. She was immediately at her door knocking to get out and crying. We left her for 15 minutes before Brian went in to check her. When he went to the door her fingers were sticking out under the door. By the time he opened the door, she was climbing back in bed and patting the pillow next to her wanting Daddy to lay by her and read another book! By the end of the story she was fighting to keep her eyes open and rolled over and went to sleep.

She just needed one more story from Daddy! :) I think we are going to have to impose a bedtime story limit at some point.

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