May 31, 2011


I have had a struggle with Kaidrei and bibs for the last 6 months or more. We used to use the ones that velcro around the neck. She figured out long ago that she could pull those off. So I made one out of a towel that goes of the head like a shirt. I was so happy that she couldn't get it off and it lasted about one day before she figured it out. A few weeks ago I came across this pattern. It is a baby apron. It is longer so it covers more and it has holes for the arms to go through and ties behind the neck. She can get it off if she works really hard, but usually she doesn't put forth that much effort. I'm really glad too because since every shirt she had was stained we got her a few new shirts this last month and I've been very diligent and keeping bibs on her so I don't have to try and get stains out.

The only way I could get a picture of her sitting still was to give her food...she still loves corn on the cob! She ate the whole thing!

I broke out the creative juices and made one for Chayla's first birthday. They are doing a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme, so I made my own appliqué and I think it turned out great!

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