April 5, 2011

Photo Class

In my searching for camera information I found a free 12 week photography class and downloaded it for future use. Today I played around with some of the settings on the camera to learn more about aperature. Which makes the background of a picture blurry while keeping the subject in focus. The class challenge said to use a still object (preferably outside), but the only object in the yard was a ball and it didn't stay too still with Kaidrei around. I was still able to get some pictures with the background blurred and I love how some of them turned out.

Not the best expression of Kaidrei - I think she was trying to figure out what in the world I was doing, but the background is blurred like I was trying to get!

Kaidrei was a somewhat willing participant as long as she could continue playing in the fort under the table.

This one is a little blurry because of my tinkering with settings, but I loved that I was able to catch this expression!

Big blue eyes (and a blurred background!)

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