April 12, 2011

New Do

At church on Sunday, I noticed a couple little girls about Kaidrei's age had their hair pulled back and/or braided in fun ways. I got to thinking I should do something fun and cute with Kaidrei's hair since she has so much hair and it was immediately followed up with the thought of how in the world do you get a 20 month old to sit still and let you do their hair?

The answer to the question is a sippy cup of yumminess and watching Curious George (or any other enjoyable - hopefully somewhat educational animated show) and this was our end result.

Sadly it lasted less than 10 minutes because Kaidrei plays with her hair and she worked the ponytails loose until she could play with it. By the end of the day she had 7 little ponytails curled up on the top of her head!

It was a fun experiment, but I'm not sure it was worth trying to take out the 7 little rubber bands....maybe we'll try a braid and see how that works!

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