April 5, 2011

New Camera

Last night we went on an adventure and came home successfully with a camera. I've been researching cameras for a couple of months now and have really wanted to get a nice DSLR camera for even longer. I've looked online for a while but couldn't find a good deal...well a good enough deal. Then this weekend when my little point and shoot final died and we couldn't find Brian's point and shoot camera, I started a more persistent search.

I had set up to go look at one that was listed in the classifieds and then got a text saying it had already been sold. I was frustrated, but decided it must not have been right for me so I kept looking. The next day I saw an ad for a Canon Rebel with two lenses for a steal of a price so we went as soon as we could to look at it. The guy selling it had bought it in February for school but needed to sell it to pay some bills that had come up so it is virtually brand new!

We drove up to Salt Lake to get it and about a block from where we got it there was an elementary school so we decided to give Kaidrei a break from her car seat and let her run around. She had a great time playing and I had fun snapping some pictures even though I was absolutely clueless about the camera. I have no clue what settings these were on when I took them (I hadn't even figured out which setting was the auto shoot!), but I still love how vivid the colors are and there wasn't a single blurry one - even with Kaidrei on the move!

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  1. Note to self: buy a Canon Rebel! These photos are amazing!