April 27, 2011

A lesson learned

I feel like I'm in a blogging funk lately. I have lots of pictures to update but just can't quite seem to get it done between everything else. This last weekend I had the chance to get together with my sisters at my parent's house with the exception of Carrie because they had car issues. Kaidrei and Malea both did great on the drive and had a great time playing with cousins!

One afternoon it was quite windy so the girls decided to fly kites. Kaidrei thought it was a great injustice that the other girls had kites and she didn't. Luckily Andi decided to blow bubbles so she shared her kite with Kaidrei. She was so excited and happy and she actually held onto the kite all on her own - though she did let go once and it got tangled in an apple tree. She did better than I expected and I couldn't resist snapping pictures because she had such a big grin.

Sadly Julie had been teaching me about shooting in manual mode on my camera a few minutes before inside. I thought I had adjusted it to work outside and started shooting away. Smiling with pure joy at the thought of the adorable pictures I was capturing of this first in Kaidrei's life. The next day I was just as equally sad when I realized that the setting were not right and all of the pictures looked like this:

This is actually one of the best ones. Most of the others are too white to even see what is in the picture. So I have now learned that you look at the LCD screen after each picture...just to double check because what I see through the view finder isn't always what is captured - especially when I'm shooting in manual. At least I'm feeling more confident in manual mode which is coming a long way!

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