April 2, 2011


Time is seriously flying by lately. I truly don't know what happened to the month of March but here it is April already! I'm usually really on top of changing the calendar, but it was March 16th before I realized that the calendar was still on February! It seems like the last two weeks have been super busy. Brian's parents were here for a week, we blessed Malea, celebrated my birthday, and then we all got sick!

It started out with Kaidrei having pink eye on Thursday in both eyes, then Brian woke up Friday with it in one eye and by this morning he had it in both, and on top of it Brian, Kaidrei, and I all have colds.. Luckily Kaidrei doesn't seem to have it too bad. I've been in bed most of the day with a fever and just feeling plain crummy. The biggest blessing in all of this is that Malea hasn't shown signs of any of it and I'm so grateful for that.

To add the the fun around our house my camera has finally bit the dust. It will turn itself off in the midst of taking pictures. Sometimes it will turn back on...sometimes it won't. So now I'm hoping to find a deal on a camera, but until then there may not be many pictures unless they are taken with a cell phone. This really makes me sad since I haven't had a chance to take any pictures of Malea in her blessing dress of just her and she is growing so fast she may just grow out of it!

Anyway here are the last two pictures that I was able to take with my camera. My throat has been sore today and ice cream sounded perfect. Of course, when I made me and ice cream cone Kaidrei "needed" one too. She thoroughly enjoyed it and even ate some of the sugar cone this time (usually she won't touch the cone).

The most amazing thing to me is that there wasn't any ice cream on the floor and only one or two drops on the table. She had a napkin which she tried to clean her legs up with, but it didn't work to well. She had a blast playing in the bubble bath after this though. She was a very happy girl this afternoon!

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