April 7, 2011


After dinner tonight, I was in the office feeding Malea and talking to Brian. Kaidrei was running in and out, playing the piano occasionally, and bringing dolls for us to hug. After a little bit I heard some noises from the kitchen and this is what I found - though please ignore the mess :)
Kaidrei pushed the chair from the table to the cupboard, climbed up,
and decided to use the measuring spoons and help herself to a cupcake!

You apparently can't have carrot cake without a little (or a lot) of frosting!

I took the bowl of icing away (much to her dissappointment) and started frosting the rest of the cupcakes. Once she had licked her spoon clean, she tried spooning the icing off the cupcake I'd just got done frosting!

I'm going to have to be more careful now that she knows she can get to the counters by pushing a chair!

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