April 11, 2011

3 Months

I can hardly believe this little lady is 3 months old (okay in all honesty she is almost 4 months now since I've been slow in getting these pictures up). Malea has been growing so much and is getting big and it's not just me lamenting that kids grow so fast. On the day we blessed her, we weighed her on our scale at home and she weighed 15 pounds (and this was right before she was fed so she wasn't tanked up). The funny thing is that Char weighed Chayla at the same time and Chayla who is 11 months old weighed 18 pounds. Our neighbors 7 month old weighed 16! She is growing so fast!

She was not in a mood to get pictures taken at all!

Malea is wearing 6 month size clothes now and she is wearing size 1 shoes already!

She sleeps through the night still most nights.
She has figured out that she can use her hands to grab things. It is fun to watch her as she concentrates so hard to be able to grab something that is in front of her. When she gets whatever it is in her mouth she gets really noisy as she tries to eat it!

She smiles for anyone who will talk to her and especially loves it when Kaidrei plays with her - even when that means Kaidrei is trying to give Malea her pacifier.

Malea loves to suck/chew on her fingers. She will get as many as she can in her mouth!

(Using those hands to get the dress to her mouth)

We love our sweet Malea!

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