April 30, 2011

Rolling Over

Malea rolled over for the first time from her back to her front on April 25! She is 4 months old. I can't believe how fast she is moving. I think it is true that the second child starts to move faster than the first because she really wants to keep up with Kaidrei already. She watches Kaidrei whenever she is around with the biggest grin!

Sorry it is such a long video. We tried and tried all night to catch it on video and she did it really quickly right before and after taking this video.

Zhu Zhu Pets

Kaidrei got a zhu zhu pet (aka an electric hamster) for Easter and has a ball chasing after it. She gets so excited (and so loud) every time we get it out! It is fun to see her so animated and happy! I'm learning to enjoy the happy moments more now that we've been having bigger tantrums from her lately.

April 28, 2011

Movie Night Excitement

A couple of weeks ago, we were sick with pink eye and fevers and just plain yuckiness. We were going to get together with some friends but had to cancel once again because after feeling better for a few days the pink eye resurfaced. So we girls decided to surprise Brian on a Friday night. We rented a movie, got a Digornio pizza, movie candy, and balloons (originally there was a balloon that said we love you, but it ended up at the ceiling in Smiths when it came untied at the balloon...I think Kaidrei may have helped it) and had a movie night at home. We blew up an air bed in our living room and had a great party.

Kaidrei's favorite part was the balloons and she was so excited to show Brian the balloons when he got home!

April 27, 2011

A lesson learned

I feel like I'm in a blogging funk lately. I have lots of pictures to update but just can't quite seem to get it done between everything else. This last weekend I had the chance to get together with my sisters at my parent's house with the exception of Carrie because they had car issues. Kaidrei and Malea both did great on the drive and had a great time playing with cousins!

One afternoon it was quite windy so the girls decided to fly kites. Kaidrei thought it was a great injustice that the other girls had kites and she didn't. Luckily Andi decided to blow bubbles so she shared her kite with Kaidrei. She was so excited and happy and she actually held onto the kite all on her own - though she did let go once and it got tangled in an apple tree. She did better than I expected and I couldn't resist snapping pictures because she had such a big grin.

Sadly Julie had been teaching me about shooting in manual mode on my camera a few minutes before inside. I thought I had adjusted it to work outside and started shooting away. Smiling with pure joy at the thought of the adorable pictures I was capturing of this first in Kaidrei's life. The next day I was just as equally sad when I realized that the setting were not right and all of the pictures looked like this:

This is actually one of the best ones. Most of the others are too white to even see what is in the picture. So I have now learned that you look at the LCD screen after each picture...just to double check because what I see through the view finder isn't always what is captured - especially when I'm shooting in manual. At least I'm feeling more confident in manual mode which is coming a long way!

April 13, 2011


Can I help?

Of Course, but it works better if you put the clothes in the basket instead of on the floor! :)

April 12, 2011

New Do

At church on Sunday, I noticed a couple little girls about Kaidrei's age had their hair pulled back and/or braided in fun ways. I got to thinking I should do something fun and cute with Kaidrei's hair since she has so much hair and it was immediately followed up with the thought of how in the world do you get a 20 month old to sit still and let you do their hair?

The answer to the question is a sippy cup of yumminess and watching Curious George (or any other enjoyable - hopefully somewhat educational animated show) and this was our end result.

Sadly it lasted less than 10 minutes because Kaidrei plays with her hair and she worked the ponytails loose until she could play with it. By the end of the day she had 7 little ponytails curled up on the top of her head!

It was a fun experiment, but I'm not sure it was worth trying to take out the 7 little rubber bands....maybe we'll try a braid and see how that works!

April 11, 2011

3 Months

I can hardly believe this little lady is 3 months old (okay in all honesty she is almost 4 months now since I've been slow in getting these pictures up). Malea has been growing so much and is getting big and it's not just me lamenting that kids grow so fast. On the day we blessed her, we weighed her on our scale at home and she weighed 15 pounds (and this was right before she was fed so she wasn't tanked up). The funny thing is that Char weighed Chayla at the same time and Chayla who is 11 months old weighed 18 pounds. Our neighbors 7 month old weighed 16! She is growing so fast!

She was not in a mood to get pictures taken at all!

Malea is wearing 6 month size clothes now and she is wearing size 1 shoes already!

She sleeps through the night still most nights.
She has figured out that she can use her hands to grab things. It is fun to watch her as she concentrates so hard to be able to grab something that is in front of her. When she gets whatever it is in her mouth she gets really noisy as she tries to eat it!

She smiles for anyone who will talk to her and especially loves it when Kaidrei plays with her - even when that means Kaidrei is trying to give Malea her pacifier.

Malea loves to suck/chew on her fingers. She will get as many as she can in her mouth!

(Using those hands to get the dress to her mouth)

We love our sweet Malea!

April 10, 2011

Malea's Blessing

March was a super busy month and it was totally worth it. Brian's parents came for a week to visit and while they were here we blessed Malea (on March 27)! It went perfect! We had both sets of grandparents, Brian's Uncle Paul and Aunt Gale, and Jake, Char, and Chayla there. It was a lot of fun to visit afterward and Malea enjoyed getting held (and spoiled).

These are pictures I took a week later in the dress. I was able to finish it the Wednesday before the blessing. It was just a relief to have it done and I felt so good to be able to make it myself since I hadn't followed an actual pattern all by myself since my 7th grade sewing class! I ended up having to do the bodice (chest area) twice because of a mistake. I decided I'm grateful for YouTube because I was able to watch a video that taught me how to do understitching correctly...unfortunately I'd already done it wrong at that point.

The other adventure was hand stitching the lining to the skirt. I did it the first time and it took me about an hour and a half (I'm SLOW at hand stitching) - only to set it aside and realize that it didn't lay flat in the front so I had to unpick it and do it again. It was very frustrating, but it got done and turned out beautiful.

Here are some pictures from the day...

Getting Ready

Kaidrei decided Daddy's lap was the safest place.
She was waving goodbye and was very ready to leave...too bad it was still too early.

We decided to try and take some family pictures and I now understand why there are so many crazy family shots of my family when we were growing up. It was impossible to get the four of us all looking at the same camera, so I can't imagine how my parents got ten of us looking...oh wait...they didn't ;)

It was a great day and I'm so glad that everything went so well.

April 7, 2011

Wiggle Worm

Today Malea was playing on her mat while I was bathing Kaidrei. When I got Kaidrei out of the tub and took her to their room to get her dressed, Malea was laying like this:

When we came back she was laying like this!:

Later tonight she way laying propped up on a pillow and she wiggled herself off of it and down about 10 inches!


After dinner tonight, I was in the office feeding Malea and talking to Brian. Kaidrei was running in and out, playing the piano occasionally, and bringing dolls for us to hug. After a little bit I heard some noises from the kitchen and this is what I found - though please ignore the mess :)
Kaidrei pushed the chair from the table to the cupboard, climbed up,
and decided to use the measuring spoons and help herself to a cupcake!

You apparently can't have carrot cake without a little (or a lot) of frosting!

I took the bowl of icing away (much to her dissappointment) and started frosting the rest of the cupcakes. Once she had licked her spoon clean, she tried spooning the icing off the cupcake I'd just got done frosting!

I'm going to have to be more careful now that she knows she can get to the counters by pushing a chair!

April 6, 2011

For Lisa!

Our good friend Lisa sent us several adorable onesies for Malea and she finally fits into the smallest one of them and I think it is so funny. Malea was being too wiggly to get a picture without her hands covering th logo, but it is a picture of an mp3 player that says "ipeed". The play list is "ABCs, Bath, Feeding, Nap, Playtime, and Diaper Change" is the one highlighted.

Thanks Lisa!

April 5, 2011

Photo Class

In my searching for camera information I found a free 12 week photography class and downloaded it for future use. Today I played around with some of the settings on the camera to learn more about aperature. Which makes the background of a picture blurry while keeping the subject in focus. The class challenge said to use a still object (preferably outside), but the only object in the yard was a ball and it didn't stay too still with Kaidrei around. I was still able to get some pictures with the background blurred and I love how some of them turned out.

Not the best expression of Kaidrei - I think she was trying to figure out what in the world I was doing, but the background is blurred like I was trying to get!

Kaidrei was a somewhat willing participant as long as she could continue playing in the fort under the table.

This one is a little blurry because of my tinkering with settings, but I loved that I was able to catch this expression!

Big blue eyes (and a blurred background!)

New Camera

Last night we went on an adventure and came home successfully with a camera. I've been researching cameras for a couple of months now and have really wanted to get a nice DSLR camera for even longer. I've looked online for a while but couldn't find a good deal...well a good enough deal. Then this weekend when my little point and shoot final died and we couldn't find Brian's point and shoot camera, I started a more persistent search.

I had set up to go look at one that was listed in the classifieds and then got a text saying it had already been sold. I was frustrated, but decided it must not have been right for me so I kept looking. The next day I saw an ad for a Canon Rebel with two lenses for a steal of a price so we went as soon as we could to look at it. The guy selling it had bought it in February for school but needed to sell it to pay some bills that had come up so it is virtually brand new!

We drove up to Salt Lake to get it and about a block from where we got it there was an elementary school so we decided to give Kaidrei a break from her car seat and let her run around. She had a great time playing and I had fun snapping some pictures even though I was absolutely clueless about the camera. I have no clue what settings these were on when I took them (I hadn't even figured out which setting was the auto shoot!), but I still love how vivid the colors are and there wasn't a single blurry one - even with Kaidrei on the move!

April 4, 2011

Using Hands

Since my camera died, Brian challenged me to take more videos. Here is a cute one of Malea from this morning. I set the ball in her lap while I was folding laundry in the girls' room and next thing I know she is trying with all her might to eat it!

April 2, 2011


Time is seriously flying by lately. I truly don't know what happened to the month of March but here it is April already! I'm usually really on top of changing the calendar, but it was March 16th before I realized that the calendar was still on February! It seems like the last two weeks have been super busy. Brian's parents were here for a week, we blessed Malea, celebrated my birthday, and then we all got sick!

It started out with Kaidrei having pink eye on Thursday in both eyes, then Brian woke up Friday with it in one eye and by this morning he had it in both, and on top of it Brian, Kaidrei, and I all have colds.. Luckily Kaidrei doesn't seem to have it too bad. I've been in bed most of the day with a fever and just feeling plain crummy. The biggest blessing in all of this is that Malea hasn't shown signs of any of it and I'm so grateful for that.

To add the the fun around our house my camera has finally bit the dust. It will turn itself off in the midst of taking pictures. Sometimes it will turn back on...sometimes it won't. So now I'm hoping to find a deal on a camera, but until then there may not be many pictures unless they are taken with a cell phone. This really makes me sad since I haven't had a chance to take any pictures of Malea in her blessing dress of just her and she is growing so fast she may just grow out of it!

Anyway here are the last two pictures that I was able to take with my camera. My throat has been sore today and ice cream sounded perfect. Of course, when I made me and ice cream cone Kaidrei "needed" one too. She thoroughly enjoyed it and even ate some of the sugar cone this time (usually she won't touch the cone).

The most amazing thing to me is that there wasn't any ice cream on the floor and only one or two drops on the table. She had a napkin which she tried to clean her legs up with, but it didn't work to well. She had a blast playing in the bubble bath after this though. She was a very happy girl this afternoon!