March 11, 2011


Yesterday it was so beautiful outside that we had to stop by the park! Malea slept all bundled up through the adventure and I felt horrible when she woke up completely drenched in sweat because she was too hot!

Kaidrei had a blast and ran all over the place. Her favorite thing was collecting rocks and putting them on these pedestals.

Why are rocks so interesting to little kids?

She had 4-6 rocks in her fists at any given time!

All the while I enjoyed the view of Utah Lake (just ignore the tree in the middle of the picture - I was going to take another one and got distracted chasing Kaidrei)

Once kids starting coming to the park, the rocks were less intriguing (though she still had 4 in her fists in this picture). She saw a boy climb up this climbing wall and she decided she was going to go down! She didn't make it without some Mommy intervention!

Then she decided she wanted to swing, but there were no baby swings. So I let her try sitting on it. She didn't really swing much but she enjoyed every moment of it.

A funny note is that to get her to hold on, I had to convince her to put the rocks in her jacket pockets - which she did with trepidation and as soon as she was off the swing she was trying to find her rocks again!

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