March 2, 2011

Kiddo Update

A few weeks ago, I tried doing a photoshoot of the girls by myself. It was crazy, fun, exhausting and frustrating all at the same time. The frustration mostly stemmed from after it was over and I uploaded the pictures to the computer to find that most of them were blurry - even the ones of sleeping Malea! I wasn't too surprised that the ones of Kaidrei were blurry since she was constantly moving, but there was at least one where it looked like there were two of her! In the end, we got a few cute shots so it was worth it - and hopefully in the near future I'll be able to get a new camera that can keep up with Kaidrei!

Each month of the first year, I try to take a picture with a wooden number for how old the girls are. It was much easier with Kaidrei, since I not only had to try and get Malea's attention,

but I had to try and stop Kaidrei from taking the number!

Look what I got!

Malea is one month old in these pictures. She is now a smiley baby! She had a while where she would scream non stop to the point that we are sure she had some colic. Luckily, it didn't last too terrible long and she has calmed down lots. She is a definite people person and wants to be where other people are. She can be completely content in her swing, but as soon as we leave the room she starts to fuss and when we come back she calms right back down. I love that her hair has a mind of its own - though I'm hoping it'll calm down eventually at the moment I love that it sticks straight up no matter what I do. So here are some pictures of our 1 month old cutie.

Kaidrei is 18 months old in these pictures. At her 18 month checkup she weighed 24 pounds 4 ounces (49 percentile) is 33.25 inches tall (89 percentile) and her head is 49.7 cm around (99 percentile). She runs everywhere and loves to be chased (and caught). She is really ticklish and giggles easily. She loves her little sister and I often find her sharing toys with and kissing Malea. She doesn't talk much yet. She says uh-oh regularly and occasionally says Mom, Dad, and Shoes. She loves having her shoes on because it means we are going outside - which is her favorite thing, even if it is freezing or snowing outside. She has preferences about what she wears and expresses those opinions very freely more often than not opting for dresses (She has taught me that being a girly girl is just something she was born with). She is also a dainty eater. She takes small bites and brushes off crumbs from her lap between bites if there are any. She is a cutie and definitely keeps us on our toes.

She has a definite attitude and was done having a camera snap picture of her by the end.

She loves to read books.

Dancing with her puppy (it plays songs when you push it's paw).

Sharing her puppy with Malea.

We love our sweet little girls!

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