March 1, 2011

A Fresh Start

In the past year we have experienced some struggles with this blog loosing what was there and we have hopefully figured out a fix that will really truly work.

Some people ask why I bother blogging especially with the issues that we've had lately and to be honest there are lots of reasons.

My blogging adventures actually began as a Mother's Day present to my mother in law nearly three years ago. We thought it give us a way to stay connected since they live across the country from us. Not much happened with it until we had kids, then it began much more important.

I use the blog as a journal to record the funny, silly, sad and just plain absurd moments in our life. I like my journal, but I enjoy having the pictures linked to the stories. Ideally I'd be scrapbooking it all, but with two little ones my paper scrapbooking rarely comes out for the amount of space and stuff it takes up and I'm still trying to figure out how to scrapbook digitally. So in the meantime I'll connect the stories and pictures of the little things in our life since they truly are the big things in the end!

So let the adventures begin...again.

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