March 31, 2011

Quick Update

I can't believe how big this sweet little girl is getting. She has started grabbing at (and getting) things. I don't know how well the picture shows it, but she has a hold of the butterfly toy.

A little while later I flipped her over to her tummy for some tummy time and she lifted her head straight up so she could look at her Daddy! In the picture my hand is still under her, but I a so shocked at how well and how high she held her head!

Quite the big day today for this little Miss.

Sadly Big Sister is now fighting pink eye! Poor kid is pretty miserable. I just hope it passes from the house quickly without spreading to anyone else.

March 23, 2011


As I was looking through pictures I found this one and I just can't believe her expression! Really she was totally happy and just babbling, but it looks like she was scared or surprised!

March 19, 2011

2 Months

I'm horribly behind with this post since Malea is 3 months old today, but at least it is getting done. At her two month checkup Malea weighed 12 pounds (74 percentile), was 22.75 inches tall (63 percentile), and her head was 39.8 cm (75 percentile).

She has been sleeping through the night usually around 8 or 9 hours but occasionally longer. In the mornings I usually find her laying in her bassinet smiling and happy as can be. She has become a happy little girl and doesn't fuss much anymore. She is very patient when her meals are interrupted so I can help Kaidrei and she loves to watch her big sister. She loves to be where everyone else is so she can be in on the action.

She is starting to control her head better and has been able to sit up in the bumbo and hold her head steady for long periods. I can't believe how fast she is growing and changing. She is getting big so quick!

Lil' Charmer

Usually when Kaidrei sees the camera she turns away and runs or tries to come take it away from me. On Thursday, she decided to be a charmer for me while I was trying to snap some pictures for St. Patrick's Day. that I stop and think about it this was after she ran away and hid under the piano!

"Can you see me behind here?"

March 18, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Well, I took some cute pictures of the girls all in their green for St. Patrick's Day, but for some reason or another I can't seem to get them off the camera. I'm not sure if it is the camera's fault, the computer's fault, or my operating error! So instead of cute green pictures, here are a few cute shots of Malea!

March 15, 2011

My Turn

When I put Malea in the bumbo for the first time, Kaidrei decided that it was her turn and tried to move Malea by herself.

Luckily she realized she couldn't do it on her own, and pleaded for some help (and who could say no to that look!).

Apparently it was time for her dolls to use the chair!

March 14, 2011

Snow Suit

Grandpa and Grandma Nyman sent Malea a snow suit that is absolutely adorable!

Sadly, it is a bit too big...ok a lot too big.

Her body is just in the middle of it. Her arms are too short to stay in the sleeves so she just curls up in ball. When her legs are straight her feet come to the slot in the bottom of the bag where you can put the car seat buckle through!

My absolute favorite thing about the suit is that the fur around that hat tickles Malea's face so she was constantly smiling when we tried it on her!

Her smile makes me melt every time I see it!

Puddle Jumping

On March 3, Kaidrei discovered the joy of puddles! She walked to the corner on her way to the mailbox with me and stopped when she saw the puddle from the rain the night before.

She very cautiously stepped into the puddle and looked to see what I was going to do.

She was so happy when she realized that it splashed when she stomped her foot.

She did get slightly concerned when she fell and got all wet, but not enough to stop.
She also enjoyed seeing her footprints when she walked out of the puddle.

In the end, we had one happy toddler with soaking wet pants and boots!

March 13, 2011

Kaidrei 365 - March 6 - March 12

March 6

Dancing before church

March 7

My First Ponytail with all my hair up.

March 8

I love my Dolly

March 9

Cuddling with Hannah

March 10


March 11

Sweeping the Kitchen

March 12

Being Silly before bedtime!

Malea 365 - March 6 - March 12

March 6

Malea kicked the cover off of her by the time we got home. Her feet were going like crazy!

March 7

Too small blessing dress!

March 9

Hannah came to play!

March 10

Costco has carts big enough for both cute girls!

March 11

Hanging out in the bumbo!

March 12

Being spoiled by Ashlee!

I'm Addicted

What happens when you have a girls night with wood, screws, glue, and power tools? Tons of fun and an awesome sense of accomplishment.

I've been toying with the idea of making bunk beds since I know that the girls will share a room and we don't want to buy a toddler bed for Kaidrei to just have to get bunk beds later and we are to the point where we need to move Malea into the crib from the bassinet and move Kaidrei to a bigger bed.

Ashlee came to visit for the weekend and we went to Ikea and then stopped by Home Depot to price out the lumber for the bunk beds. I decided to try my hand at building a bed on a smaller scale so I followed the plans by Ana White (found here) to make a doll bed.

The cut lumber - we did all the measuring and cutting ourselves!

Power Tool Fun

Long hair can be dangerous - I almost got it caught in the circular saw at one point. From then on I put my hood up!

I loved our makeshift saw horse of two barstools and a piece of wood!

Our only casualty for the night was a broken drill bit - which resulted in blood when Ashlee tried to pull it out with pliers. It ended up breaking off on the other side so there is still a piece of drill bit in the bed!

The finished bed - well it still needs sanding and paint.

A perfect fit for Kaidrei's dolly

Not too bad for three hours of work which included a break to rescue Brian when Malea spit up all over him and then later to feed Malea and get her to bed.

After an awesome girls night I think I'm totally addicted to woodworking!
It is so fun I seriously can't wipe the smile off my face!

March 11, 2011


Yesterday it was so beautiful outside that we had to stop by the park! Malea slept all bundled up through the adventure and I felt horrible when she woke up completely drenched in sweat because she was too hot!

Kaidrei had a blast and ran all over the place. Her favorite thing was collecting rocks and putting them on these pedestals.

Why are rocks so interesting to little kids?

She had 4-6 rocks in her fists at any given time!

All the while I enjoyed the view of Utah Lake (just ignore the tree in the middle of the picture - I was going to take another one and got distracted chasing Kaidrei)

Once kids starting coming to the park, the rocks were less intriguing (though she still had 4 in her fists in this picture). She saw a boy climb up this climbing wall and she decided she was going to go down! She didn't make it without some Mommy intervention!

Then she decided she wanted to swing, but there were no baby swings. So I let her try sitting on it. She didn't really swing much but she enjoyed every moment of it.

A funny note is that to get her to hold on, I had to convince her to put the rocks in her jacket pockets - which she did with trepidation and as soon as she was off the swing she was trying to find her rocks again!