December 27, 2011

Enjoying the dollhouse

And even playing nicely together

December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

December 10, 2011

Bum Scooter

Its official! Malea is a bum scooter! I'm honestly just happy that she is moving on her own in any form. She has been so frustrated at not being able to move that it was causing extreme attachment (to mama) issues.

This is as much crawling as she has ever done and it was right after Halloween with the incentive of M&M's - maybe's Kaidrei's willingness to help her out has something to do with it.  ;)

The first video was from 12/09/11 and the second video was from 11/02/11.

December 2, 2011


It hit me today that this sweet spunky little girl is going to turn 1 this month! Wow!

December 1, 2011

Small success

I'm counting my blessings tonight. We had battles over the sippy cup dissapearance, but it wasn't as bad as we were expecting. There were lots of tears and tantrums, but she eventually gave in and drank milk out of different cups. The great thing is that she ate great because she wasn't filled up with milk.

Though Brian and I are both left shaking our heads tonight as she went to bed without any crying or resisting at all! I'm very grateful after an hour of screaming at nap time.

Book Monster

The book lost the battle with Malea when it was left within reach of her. It took less than a minute for utter destruction to take place...and she loved evey minute of it.

November 29, 2011

For Grandpa Nyman

I had to think of your "love" if broccoli as Kaidrei snuck broccoli from my bowl as I was making dinner tonight and shared some with Malea. They didn't even seem to mind that it was still frozen!

A Migraine and a Rant

This is totally a rant...but if I dont' get it out in words I may snap've been warned...

Why is it that the day I have a migraine is the day that Kaidrei decides to go back to screaming any time she wants anything? Not just moaning, but full on screaming throw herself on the floor tantrums with no forewarning. We went from 0 to 200 on the tantrum scale in under 10 seconds. She has been doing so well at using words the last couple weeks to communicate and I now realize how nice it is to have her talking.

I was glad when Brian got home from work to help and that it was almost bedtime. Instead of a nice peaceful bedtime, Kaidrei has thrown another epic fit waking up Malea to join in the fray. Brian and I both have earplugs in and can still hear her just fine, luckily Malea has fallen asleep again in my arms.  So now almost two hours later after having stories read, songs sung, special dolls being pulled out to be a buddy in bed, hugs and kisses, more hugs and kisses, she has screamed to the point of vomiting, finally fallen asleep by the door, and has two royal upset parents.

I'm sure that both of us getting over being sick plus my migraine doesn't help our patience tonight, but her antics at bedtime have become more and more drawn out over the last few weeks.
We've tried stopping naps during the day, which hasn't helped.
We've tried singing to her...
We've tried laying on the floor next to her bed...
We've tried leaving the door open...
We've tried shutting the door...
We even bought a new sippy cup for her (after she chewed through the nipple of the last one we had and we'd both agreed that it was going to be the end and we were just going to deal with the battle of no more sippy cup) because we hoped it would help calm down the nights since she started going to sleep with a bottle last year when Malea was born. I've wanted to stop the habit since it started, but getting up with Malea every few hours made it hard to break a habit that helped everyone in the house sleep, so we let her keep the sippy cup.

Still we have massive battles at bedtime? What do we do?

The one thing that has come from tonight is that Brian and I have both decided with a renewed vigor (that will hopefully still be there in the morning) that the sippy cup is going to disappear tomorrow - for good. It's not helping with the bedtime fits and I feel like taking it away at bedtime and letting her have it during the day will just confuse and frustrate her. If she is going to throw royal fits, then we might as well bite the bullet and do what we've been avoiding because of the royal fits we knew we'd have to face.

So to my neighbors I apologize for the fits that you will be able to hear tomorrow in advance and offer you earplugs if you'd like (we have a good supply of them!). I just hope that it will be a couple of rough days and then we can move on with life...minus a sippy cup addiction ;)

November 21, 2011

Daddy's girl

This little girl adores her Daddy. She wore his hat most of the afternoon.

I love it

When my two sweet girls are content to play with each other.

November 18, 2011

Christmas wish

All I want for Christmas is Malea's two front be in that hopes that when they are in I'll get to sleep longer than two hours between screaming fits. It is making life grumpy for everyone in the house. I guess the saying, if mama ain't happy, nobody is happy is true.

November 17, 2011

Smiles and Giggles

 What can make Malea smile and giggle like this?

 Playing with blocks!

 She was absolutely giddy at her ability to know over towers of bricks!

 Kaidrei was a good sport about having her towers knocked over time and time again.

 Eventually she got tired of the blocks and moved over to read a book.

In the meantime, Kaidrei found a horse and a unicorn and was pointing to the horse and saying Daddy and then to the unicorn and saying Mommy. I thought she was pretty spot on since the unicorn had more hair than the horse!

6 months

I found this post hanging out in my drafts folder so I figured I'd put up the pictures. These are some from our 6 month photoshoot for Malea back in June.

Kaidrei helping Malea get picture ready...

and of course I can't be on the floor taking pictures without being jumped on.

Malea's 6 month stats...
length 26.25 inches 68%
Weight 16 pounds 11 oz 64%
Head 43.5 cn 77%

4 Months

So behind, but found this hanging out in my drafts folder so I might as well put it up.

Malea at 4 months

length 25 in 77%
Weight 14 lbs 7 oz 69%
Head 42 cm 75%

November 16, 2011

Halloween Fun

Halloween fun at last. We had quite the fun week of festivities. It started Thursday with a party at preschool.

There were lots of games to play. Pinning the nose on the Jack O'Lantern, pumpkin bowling, a ghost toss, and feeling ooey gooey guts (aka peeled grapes and cooked spaghetti - which Kaidrei tried to eat!).

Minnie Mouse was not so sure about sitting and watching the action - I think she wanted to be a part of it.

We decorated sugar cookies, had treats and fogging root beer.

Our Cute Minnie Mouse watching as we broke open a pinata.

Kaidrei enjoying the pinata spoils.

I thought Malea was too far away get any of the candy from the pinata, but I was so wrong. She snatched a lollipop and went to town!

She was thoroughly enjoying her first lollipop.

Little G was Woodstock (he is about 3 months older than Malea) and thanks to the sharing of the older kids he had three lollipops.

Tinkerbell relaxing after the festivities.

The crew: Woodstock, Batman and Malea (the younger siblings) and then Snoopy, Army guy, Buzz, Tinkerbell, and Thomas the train and Cinderella had already left.

I sadly don't have any pictures from the rest of the whirlwind weekend. On Saturday Night, we went to the ward trunk or treat. As we were getting in the car, Brian explained where we were going and what was going to happen to Kaidrei. She got the biggest eyes, full of excitement and started clapping. I guess you can't go wrong with costumes, other kids, and candy in the life of a child. It was a chilly night, but it was fun to see everyone all dressed up. Malea helped Brian pass out candy. Kaidrei was a little bit intimidated by asking for candy but loved walking around with all the other kids.

On Monday we had a long fun day. We rode to Provo with Brian when he went to work so we could go to his work party that afternoon. We spent the morning playing with Char and Chayla, then met Brian for lunch and ran some errands. We came back for the party and Kaidrei and Malea trick or treated around the office. Kaidrei really liked this. Malea was a little overwhelmed by all the people. Then we ate at the potluck. There were lots of yummy foods, but Kaidrei seemed to think the best thing (and only thing to eat) was the filling out of Oreos. 

The drive home took about 2 hours and when we got there their were kids trying to trick or treat from us as we were getting the girls out of the car. Kaidrei immediately wanted to go out trick or treating and it had to be RIGHT THEN! 

I took her around to a few houses, but she didn't want to walk and she didn't really want to knock on doors unless there were other kids there already. After trying to carry her while I was wearing an inflatable costume, I decided I was done and it was time to go home. Kaidrei was having major fits and didn't want to go to bed and didn't want to be awake either! 

We have learned a few important lessons of being a parent on Halloween. Naps are matter what! Must eat real nourishing food before any candy and no oreo filling does not count as this!

It was a good holiday. I'm excited to see how much different it will be next year as the girls get older.

November 14, 2011

Story sleeper

More often than not this is how I find Kaidrei after a nap!

November 13, 2011

Mystery Shopper

Yesterday Kaidrei  was getting ready to come to Walmart with me and this is how she considered herself ready to go. She took the hat off once we got inside but wore the mask until we were leaving and it wasn't a short trip!